Oct 07 2012

2012 NL Division Series- Reds at Giants, Game 1

It is technically possible we shall have a Bay Bridge Series this year though I don’t think it’s entirely likely.

The Giants are part of my borough re-alignment package.  As we all know it makes absolutely no sense to keep jobs anywhere in particular except as dictated by economic efficiency.  My careful 30 second analysis designed to make my point without relying on facts or reality or icky research indicates that New York is the only Baseball city you ever need.

While rents are high and salaries inflated, the convenient and inexpensive transportation system will make every series a “Subway Series” with all the attendant marketing opportunities.  Proximity to Network broadcasting facilities will lower their overhead costs covering the games.  Leagues will be reduced to 8 teams each to allow maximum post season hype and exposure while minimizing labor units.

By dividing teams evenly, 3 per borough, we create exciting new ‘intra-borough’ rivalries to generate fan interest and special schedules for their play in addition the successful current inter-League program.

But ek you say, what do you do with the 16th team?  You’ll be sorry you asked.

By my calculations locating a 4th team on Staten Island will cover it entirely with Stadiums and their parking lots, thus eliminating the need to provide municipal services like snow removal, at least during the off season.

It’s a win, win, win scenario and I hope you bring it to Bloomberg’s attention before he locks me up.

The Giants would move back to the Polo Grounds.  The Dodgers would go to Brooklyn where they belong.

What happens to a team like the Reds from a rustbelt industrial town that happens to play great Baseball which nobody notices?

Well, I’m not sure there’s a place in a flat globalized new world neo-liberal order for them.  Perhaps they should invest in learning another skill set, like Hockey.

I understand there are openings for scabs.


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  1. ek hornbeck
  2. TMC

    to build a stadium would warm the hearts of Dodger fans and line the pockets of many

  3. ek hornbeck
  4. ek hornbeck
  5. ek hornbeck
  6. ek hornbeck
  7. ek hornbeck
  8. ek hornbeck
  9. ek hornbeck

    And this early you can’t cover with relievers, you’ll have to pull a starter and then it’s a question of who’s ready and how that fucks up your rotation.

    In a short series no less.

    They may DL him which would allow them a replacement on their roster.

    8 pitches.

  10. ek hornbeck

    Might be to give a starter time to warm up.

    Liquer is a long reliever at 2 innings, most guys are situational, 1 or 2 batters.

  11. ek hornbeck
  12. ek hornbeck
  13. ek hornbeck
  14. ek hornbeck
  15. ek hornbeck
  16. ek hornbeck
  17. ek hornbeck
  18. ek hornbeck
  19. ek hornbeck
  20. ek hornbeck

    LeCure did a good job, still scoreless.

  21. ek hornbeck
  22. ek hornbeck

    Replaced by Game 4 starter for a sacrifice bunt.

  23. ek hornbeck
  24. ek hornbeck
  25. ek hornbeck
  26. ek hornbeck
  27. ek hornbeck
  28. ek hornbeck

    “Back Spasms”

  29. ek hornbeck
  30. ek hornbeck
  31. ek hornbeck
  32. ek hornbeck
  33. ek hornbeck

    First leadoff tonight for the Giants.

  34. ek hornbeck
  35. ek hornbeck
  36. ek hornbeck
  37. ek hornbeck
  38. ek hornbeck
  39. ek hornbeck
  40. ek hornbeck
  41. ek hornbeck
  42. ek hornbeck
  43. ek hornbeck

    Giants will be looking to make a move.

  44. ek hornbeck

    and the Giants are running out of…

    well, outs.

  45. ek hornbeck
  46. ek hornbeck
  47. ek hornbeck
  48. ek hornbeck
  49. ek hornbeck
  50. ek hornbeck
  51. ek hornbeck
  52. ek hornbeck
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