Nov 19 2012

Not his father’s Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo, fake Democrat

By Alex Pareene, Salon

Monday, Nov 19, 2012 07:45 AM EST

If the New York state Senate remains controlled by the Republican Party, it won’t be because of the voters. Democrats have 30 seats, with 32 required for a majority. They’re also ahead in two races currently being recounted. … One guy who’s staying conspicuously out of the fight: Democratic governor and 2016 presidential contender Andrew Cuomo.

(I)t’s not just that Cuomo’s not trying to help his party win a majority that voters actually voted for. He has at times actively hindered their chances. Cuomo signed off on gerrymandered state Senate districts and did not demand independent, nonpartisan redrawing. In doing so he intended to preserve the status quo – Republicans in charge of the state Senate, Democrats in charge of the more representative assembly – but voters in New York pretty clearly decided that they preferred Democrats in charge of both houses, even with districts drawn specifically to make that nearly impossible.

And if Republicans get their majority, with the tacit support of Cuomo, the governor will have once again shown that he is not the progressive figure he will likely try to sell himself as if he runs for president. His tenure so far has been marked by flashy liberal victories on issues like gay marriage, along with a quietly conservative economic agenda: A property tax cap, total neglect of mass transit, and (partial) support for fracking. Even on economic issues where Cuomo has more liberal priorities, he rarely pushes his Republican friends particularly hard. (A Republican-controlled state Senate will almost certainly block a minimum wage increase Cuomo ostensibly supports.) There’s a reason, in other words, that the National Review loves him.

Democrats ought to know what sort of Democrat he is. If Cuomo allows Republicans to subvert the will of the voters of New York, so that he has an easier time cutting taxes and rolling back regulations, he shouldn’t be allowed to sell himself to future primary voters as a progressive.

As Atrios says- Zombie Liberal Bloggers Can Still Eat Brains.


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  1. ek hornbeck
  2. terryhallinan

    I am not so sure junior is all that much different from his father but that is a matter for another time.

    That electrified my day.  I would even give you a puppy for that.

    Vermont is a liberal state.  New York – bah, humbug.

    Best,  Terry  

  3. ek hornbeck

    could claim to be interested in electoral victory.

    Otherwise it’s simply a cult of personality at best and party treason more likely.

  4. terryhallinan

    Mario Cuomo was a man who took principled stands.  Most notable was his opposition to the death penalty that I think was wrongly blamed for Mario’s defeat in his last election.  That was just a rerun of the noise from all the campaigns after the first.

    He was a bit of an odd duck with superb oratorical skills, superior IMHO even to our current president.

    But when Mario was asked in his last campaign what he had accomplished during all his years as governor, the best Mario could come up with was replacing the horrendous thruway rest stop restaurants with the like of Burger King.

    If you had had the misfortune, like I did, of often being stuck on the road with no place to eat but those horrendous slophouses you might have considered, as I did, that a significant accomplishment.  The Burger King, the first improvement, was an oasis of culinary charm compared to all the rest.

    But surely one should ask more of any governor I think.

    It is not apparent to me that Andrew Cuomo has any goal whatever beyond his own advantage like one Mr. Romney.

    Best,  Terry

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