Nov 22 2012

T-Day Throwball 2: Native Americans @ ‘Boys

After long, deep, and careful consideration I have decided that the ‘Boys are the lesser evil.

You can hardly blame a scorpion for its nature, toads on the other hand…


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  1. ek hornbeck
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    I guess no one in Dallas checked the Weather Channel

  8. ek hornbeck
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  16. ek hornbeck
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    NYT Gameview

  19. TMC

    You’ve never heard C&W until you’ve heard ut played by a German Oompah band.  

  20. TMC


    Put it this way: You get Kid Rock and Kenny Chesney today for Beyonce at the Super Bowl in February. #NFLTurkeyDay  

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  23. ek hornbeck
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  25. ek hornbeck
  26. TMC


    h/t GottaLaff

    Click on image to enlarge

  27. TMC

    i must look hungry people keep telling me to taste stuff

  28. ek hornbeck
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