Jan 18 2013

Mehta–A Special Link:

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Here’s the question:

Given the subject of this link/video, what would any of you guys do/say if that had been one of your kids making fun of, insulting, and harassing this elderly woman until she cried?  What would you have done or said if it was your grandmother or another elderly relative that was being harassed by these rotten kids?    I’d love to have feedback from everybody, because I’m genuinely curious.  I watched the video and read through all the comments twice, and, believe me, if I’d had kids and one of my kids was part of that, I’d ground him or her for a week or two, and make her apologize personally to the elderly woman.  

Hey, folks;  I’d really love some feedback on this.  Any thoughts?

When I read the comments and saw the video, I felt my own memories of being made fun of, teased, insulted and snubbed by other kids, both guys and gals just come echoing back at me, even though what I went through wasn’t nearly as bad as that.  What’s also disgusting is that disrespect seems to be at an all time high these days, even though disrespect and bullying has always been rather commonplace, though not as bad as today.  One doesn’t have to be a parent, to have kids, or to have grown up in a rough and tough urban area to have experienced constant nasty bullying of some sort or other.  

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  1. mplo
  2. TMC

    but if it’s as bad as you say, my kid would be cleaning this woman’s house for the rest of the rest of this woman’s life.

    BTW, in NY harassing the elderly can be a crime.

  3. mplo

    Without knowing all the facts, however, and from watching and listening to the entire video provided on this particular link, it sounds like what these kids were doing was far more sinister than the kind of ordinary bantering and/or rivalry that can and sometimes does go on between kids, if one gets the drift.  Harassing an older person like that is even more disrespectful and mean, imho.  


    BTW, in NY harassing the elderly can be a crime.

    is something that I wasn’t aware of, but maybe it’s a good rule that should be implemented throughout the United States!

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