Mar 22 2013

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2013: Day 4 Early Evening

A plethora of games.

Time Network Seed Team Record Seed Team Record Region
6:30 TBS (2) Georgetown 25-6 (15) Florida Gulf Coast 24-10 South
7 CBS (2) Ohio State 26-7 (15) Iona 20 – 13 West
7 TNT (8) North Carolina 24-10 (9) Villanova 20-13 South
7 True (3) Florida 26-7 (14) Northwestern State 23-8 South


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  1. ek hornbeck
  2. Oaktown Girl

    How ’bout those Cal Bears upsetting UNLV yesterday? Eh? Eh?

    : )

  3. TMC
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  11. TMC

    Harvard win over New Mexico, according to ESPN, blew all but one perfect bracket pick in 8.25 million submissions to their Tournament Challenge

    Through 24 games, there is just one perfect bracket (out of 8.15 million) entered in ESPN.com’s Tournament Challenge. The number of perfect brackets had been reduced to two with La Salle’s upset win against Kansas State, and the Illinois-Colorado game broke that deadlock at the top.

    The one perfect entry is not listed on the leaderboard on ESPN.com or the Bracket Bound app because it is not eligible to win a prize on ESPN.com. That entry has a Final Four of Louisville, Georgetown, Ohio State, Syracuse with Louisville beating Georgetown for the title.

    #13 La Salle’s win over #4 Kansas St and #12 Ole Miss over #5 Wisconsin were the others.

  12. TMC

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