Aug 25 2013

Rant of the Week: “Will McAvoy” The Newsroom

Last year HBO debuted the series “The Newsroom” starring Jeff Daniels as a the very flawed anchor, “Will McAvoy“, of a popular nightly news hour on the fictitious cable channel ACN. Up until now, I have only used real people but I thought this rant was worth discussion.

This is a clip from  the “We Just Decided To” episode where “McAvoy” is asked by a college student at a “town hall,”  “Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?”

Trnascript can be read here

h/t Lambert Strether at naked capitalism


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  1. TMC
  2. BobbyK

    but I do watch this when I travel for work. I saw a first season marathon and caught most of it. I liked it. The focus was mostly on what stories they chose to cover.

    My takeaway was – Newsrooms as we wished they were.

    From what I’ve seen of season 2, I haven’t been impressed. Focus seems to have changed to character drama. Who’s dating whom.

    My takeaway on that – who cares.

    I wish television news was half as good as what I can find on-line. I’d love to check out Al Jazeera America but my AT&T cable pkg doesn’t carry it. :-(

  3. TMC

    but we get it off a satellite feed.

  4. BruceMcF

    … in coming back to the US after a decade overseas ~ how terribly, grossly incompetent US TV news is, if one were to assume that its trying to cover the news.

    Just flipping back and forth between CNN For Dummies and CNN International, where CNN International itself is not as good as the news that is broadcast over the air in most Western nations, highlights how dumbed down US cable news is.

  5. TMC

    I used to watch it faithfully then Ted Turner sold out.

    I find it more than ironic that his ex-wife Jane Fonda is playing is “Leona Lansing” the owner of ACN. LMAO

  6. BobbyK

    Now that you mention it, that is capital F Funny!

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