Sep 03 2013

TDS/TCR (Root Vegetables and Hard Squash)


More video that will post.  I have a distinct weakness for Electro House Dance Music going back to my DJ days.  This is fresh from 2013.  Who’s hip now?

Videos that will not post except at The Stars Hollow Gazette and DocuDharma

Now I had hoped that there would be s repeats tonight, and there are.  They’re going to endlessly repeat the roast of James Franco.  I’ll give you a roast- Mila Kunis was much better in Oz the Great and Powerful (which was no Mirror, Mirror).

Even the Hypnotoad comes up empty tonight with Labor Day programming that is simply unwatchable.

Still, we had a good weekend at my other sites-

The Stars Hollow Gazette/DocuDharma Digest

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Friday 8/30

Saturday 8/31

Sunday 9/1

Monday 9/2

The Stars Hollow Gazette


Friday 8/30

Saturday 8/31

Sunday 9/1

Monday 9/2


Between that and the music you should be able to stay busy for a while.

My Sing-A-Long got posted at 7 sites and finished #44 and on the Rec List here, and made the Top of the Rec List and the Main Front Page at Firedog Lake (MyFDL too, but that’s pretty much a given if you make the main page).

I went off and played Pirates on Saturday and in general had a nice relaxing holiday.  I hope yours was good as well and I’m looking forward to Tia’s return tomorrow.

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