Dec 16 2013

Right Between The Eyes Open Thread. I Mean Open Season.

(6 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)


  1. Edger

    Don’t know exactly why

    Must be it’s out of season

    Give it another try

    I’m out here in the meadow

    Part of an old stone wall

    Stand here because he said so

    Waitin’ around to fall

    Some things are left unspoken

    Some things are hand me down

    The circle stands unbroken

    Sendin’ it back around

  2. Zorba

    There are still way too many idiots around.

    I feel really, really sorry for the son.

    This demonstrates the whole problem with the fundamentalist Christians.  And I would add, the fundamentalist Muslims, Jews, etc.

    Maybe, just maybe, the basic problem is unthinking belief in any system which discourages any “deviation” from their core beliefs.

    This does not apply just to religions.  It also applies to those who hew to a particular political philosophy, or anyone else who has decided that “this,” whatever “this” belief is, is the be all and end all, without any questioning whatsoever.     🙁

  3. Anne

    when it was first published, and my thought at the time was that the letter couldn’t possibly be real – this woman thinks her son is getting back at her for being too busy to remember his birthday for three years by being gay?

    Maybe it’s just that I don’t want to think there are people that desperate, dumb and ignorant that they’d believe someone would “choose” to be gay in retaliation for some perceived hurt.

    I did like the response, though, so I almost don’t care whether or if the letter itself is real; I’ve tried this kind of approach with people I’ve encountered who still think being gay is a choice – I can only hope it gave them something to think about, because that’s about all you can do – try to open people’s minds, and in as non-threatening a way as possible.

    I just don’t get parents who reject their own child for something the child can’t change.

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