Mar 18 2014

March Madness 2014: Men’s Play Ins Day 1

Ok, tonight we start the Tournament with 2 games, Albany (18 – 14) v. Mount St. Mary (16 – 16) at 6:40 pm ET and N.C. State (21 – 13) v. Xavier (21 – 12) at 9:10 pm ET, both on TruTV.


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  12. Zorba

    So forgive me for my ignorance.

    But I live in western Frederick County, Maryland, not all that far from Mount St. Mary’s, and I had no idea that their basketball team had even gotten this far, little as it is.

    Ah, well, what can I say?  I don’t read the sports page of the local newspaper, which I am sure covered this.

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  22. TMC
  23. ek hornbeck

    This is kind of an eggplant.

  24. TMC

    DAYTON, Ohio (AP)

    GAINING RESPECT: Many put down the First Four as an early week series of play-in games to the real tournament, which starts in earnest on Thursday.

    Both teams are in their fourth trip to the NCAA tournament. Mount is 1-4, beating Coppin State in the opening round in 2008 in the tournament’s old format.

    Albany, however, wants to finally win a game in the brightest of spotlights.

    “That’s the next logical step for us, and that’s our goal for this game,” Sam Rowley said.

    GAINING RESPECT II: Mount St. Mary’s merely broke even on the season, winning its last four games (including three in a row in the Northeast Conference) to get to 16-16.

    “We can get glossed over sometimes,” Prescott said. “We’re always open for the challenge. If they doubt us, it makes it even sweeter when we’re here.”

    GOOD LUCK WITH THAT: The winner not only has a quick turnaround to a game Thursday afternoon, but the opponent is overall seed Florida in its home state (Orlando).

    “If you win, you go up against a monster like Florida,” said Mount’s No. 2 scorer (17.5 ppg) Julian Norfleet. “But you’ve got to win the first game. That’s all our focus is on right now.”

  25. TMC

    DAYTON, Ohio (AP)

    ALL THOSE NEWCOMERS: Neither team has much NCAA tournament experience, which could come into play Tuesday night. North Carolina State has two players who played in the tournament last year. Xavier failed to reach the tournament last season, ending a streak of seven straight appearances and leaving the Musketeers short on March experience, too. [..]

    The Musketeers will be the home team in theory. How it actually works out will be interesting with so many Flyer fans rooting against Xavier. When the Musketeers took the court for practice on Monday night, three red-shirted Flyers fans stood behind the basket chanting: “Let’s Go Wolfpack!”

    There’s plenty of history in the arena for Xavier, which has played Dayton since 1919 in a hard-edged rivalry. Mack’s wife, Christi, was inducted into Dayton’s Hall of Fame this month in recognition of her basketball career with the Flyers. One of Xavier’s greatest tournament moments came during the the A-10 tournament in 2004, when the Musketeers beat No. 1 Saint Joseph’s and won four games in a row, knocking off Dayton on the Flyers’ home court in the title game.

  26. TMC
  27. ek hornbeck

    Sorry they didn’t win, but whoever won is just going to get crushed by the ‘Gators Thursday.

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