Mar 19 2014

March Madness 2014: Men’s Play Ins Day 2

Last night’s results- Albany (19 – 14) over Mount St. Mary (16 – 17) 71 – 64, N.C. State (22 – 13) over Xavier (21 – 13) 74 – 59.

Tonight we have Cal Poly (13 – 19) v. Texas Southern (19 – 14) at 6:40 pm ET and Iowa (20 – 12) v. Tennessee (21 – 12) at 9:10 pm ET, both on TruTV.


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  27. TMC

    DAYTON, Ohio (AP)

    Cal Poly isn’t shooting too high in its first trip to the NCAA tournament.

    “If we win the national championship, we’ll have a winning record,” coach Joe Callero said.

    Such are the goals when you are just the 20th team with a losing record to make it to the big tournament.

    Callero, also making his debut in the Division I version of the tournament, smiled at the thought of going 20-19. [..]

    It’s not as if Texas Southern was making NCAA plans, either. Just 5-9 when 2014 began, they won their last nine games to earn a spot in this unlikeliest of matchups.

    Coach Mike Davis – yep, the same one who led Indiana to the national title game in 2002 and who also took UAB to the tournament – is guiding the Tigers.

    “I don’t look at that record, to be honest with you,” he said, referring to both his team and Cal Poly. “I just look at the way (teams) are playing right now.”

  28. TMC

    DAYTON, Ohio (AP)

    Iowa coach Fran McCaffery will be in and out of Dayton as the Hawkeyes get ready for their first NCAA tournament game in eight years.

    He had a flight arranged to Iowa City on Tuesday night so he could be with 13-year-old son Patrick, who is having surgery on Wednesday morning to remove a thyroid tumor. The coaching staff will lead the team through its morning meeting and a light practice while he’s away.

    McCaffery expects to be back in time for the game against Tennessee (21-12) in the NCAA First Four on Wednesday night. [..]

    They’ll face a Tennessee team that has won five of six and is in the tournament for the seventh time in the last nine years. The Volunteers lost to Michigan in their last appearance in 2011.

  29. TMC

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