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Oct 10 2017

That Was The Week That Was- Part 2

Don’t for one moment forget that even though he speaks softly wit a furrowed brow from a small serious mouth, Mike Pence id a liar on equal footing with Trump.

Oct 09 2017

Let’s Celebrate Columbus Day!

There’s little doubt that humans inhabited North, Central, and South America over 12,000 years ago and that they developed some pretty advanced civilizations, some of which bosted population concentrations (Cities) higher not only than their European contemporaries but larger that they would achieve until nearly modern times. So to say he “discovered” it is a …

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Oct 09 2017

That Was The Week That Was


Oct 08 2017

The Missouri Compromise

I was born in French Territory in the Mid-West but I have lived all over New England (well, except for Rhode Island and Vermont) for most of my life. Weird stuff happens all the time and the natives have a very peculiar sense of humor.

Oct 06 2017

2017 Playoffs: Division Series Games

When I go a traveling it’s usually because I’m doing stuff, even in places as pleasant as Stars Hollow By The Sea and Stars Hollow North Lake, and I have to prioritize that. As I had feared, what’s happening is more important than Baseball Games so I’ve had to forgo covering them as I usually …

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Oct 06 2017


A Short History of Puerto Rico Quilting Bee Nana Essie

Oct 05 2017

Travel Day

On the road again. Blogging will be sucky to non-existent and I might not even be able to setup for the Ball Games, we’ll have to see.

Oct 04 2017

2017 Playoffs: Senior League Wild Card (Rockies at Diamondbacks)

I thought it would be harder to pick a side in this one until I remembered Colorado has legal recreational marijuana (they don’t call Denver the Mile High City for nothing). Arizona is also the home of many reprehensible policies (particularly directed at those of hispanic descent) and if John McCain dies you can be …

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Oct 04 2017

Age Appropriate

Among my bad habits is the fact I watch terrible “Reality” TV programming on the History and Discovery Channels. One or the other had a show a while back about a gun shop owner whose claim to fame was that he invented a noise suppressor for an AK-47, something that was generally considered impossible because …

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Oct 03 2017

2017 Playoffs: Junior League Wild Card (Twins at Yankees)

Damn Yankees. Did you know they started off as the Baltimore Orioles? As the most recent (2 years ago) YouTube comment points out, this song and dance is supposed to be ironic. Lola is a demon. On the other hand it is highly appropriate considering this musical is about both teams. On paper the Twins …

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