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Apr 18 2017

Georgia 6

Well, the Democrats have high hopes for this one especially after the near miss in Kansas 4. Rather than spending nothing to support a Berniecrat (as they did in Kansas), Institutional Democrats have dumped over $8 Million into this race so they can elect a nice, compliant Blue Dog. It’s a non-partisan jungle primary meaning …

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Apr 18 2017

Shut Up. Shut Up! SHUT UP!!

Trump getting hot and bothered by protesters By Matthew Nussbaum, Politico 04/17/17 The latest flare-up came this past weekend, when Trump’s motorcade took an unexpected detour on Saturday as he returned to his Mar-a-Lago resort from the Trump International Golf Club. The longer route bypassed a throng of protesters, participating in a nationwide demonstration calling …

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Apr 18 2017

The Forgotten War

It is generally accepted among many Historians that a principal cause of the Korean “Police Action” was the Truman Administration and specifically Dean Acheson, Secretary of State, failing to make it clear that the Southern Rhee government (one can hardly call it a democracy) was part of the defense perimeter of the United States (speech …

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Apr 17 2017

Soros Money

Because nobody could possibly be interested in Trump’s Taxes or Holocaust Centers if they weren’t paid. By the way, where’s mine George? Is the check in the mail or are you a deadbeat like The Donald?

Apr 16 2017

A Message From The Easter Bunny

Apr 16 2017

Formula One 2017: Sakhir

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. I’m as guilty as anyone I suppose, I choose not to focus on Bahrain’s appalling human rights record every year because I get bored or tired and it was clear enough that Ecclestone was a bootlicking sychophant to tyrants, dictators, and plutocrats and would never, ever change …

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Apr 15 2017

Sensory Overload

How did you go bankrupt? Two ways. Gradually and then suddenly. – The Sun Also Rises, 1926

Apr 13 2017

Naturally Dyed Eggs

NATURALLY DYED EGGS Now with updates! Natural Easter Egg Dyes In the Gilmore house there is no surer sign of Easter than onion skin boiled eggs.  I like them much more than the traditional store kit dyed kind because they have a subtle onion scent that lingers even after you peel them.  In fact sometimes …

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Apr 11 2017


I haz it. I can hardly bear to stand next to a steep drop or precipice whether the structure is man-made or natural, think Empire State Building or cliff (though I can and frequently do, my fear does not master me. On other hand I don’t like it at all.). That’s not why I hate …

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Apr 10 2017

Bouncing The Rubble

It is a little known fact (well, except to students of history and military affairs) that blowing up flat places and chunks of concrete closes airstrips for exactly as long as it takes to bulldoze the place flat again and toss some Marston Mat on top, especially for Russian planes which are designed from the …

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