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Apr 26 2018

About 14 Hours

I haven’t forgotten you, any more than Larry Wilmore. Second Episode Yeah, you’re finished That’s Right Bill Cosby Found Guilty of Sexual Assault After Years of Accusations By GRAHAM BOWLEY and JON HURDLE, The New York Times APRIL 26, 2018 On the second day of its deliberations at the Montgomery County Courthouse in this town …

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Apr 26 2018

Personal Space

I don’t always talk about my mental health issues (though they provide a constant context I feel it’s only fair you should be aware of), nor do I wish you to have the impression I’m some kind of OCD germophobe (met one of those in Group Therapy, whole 9 yards, tissue on doorknobs which is …

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Apr 25 2018

“Leave The Gun”

My father is no different than any powerful man, any man with power, like a president or senator. Do you know how naive you sound, Michael? Presidents and senators don’t have men killed. Oh. Who’s being naive, Kay? The Godfather is the truest movie about politics that has ever been written. All you needed to …

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Apr 24 2018

Slow Play

Folks, I golf so I know just how it is. You want to do a deal so you call your Greens Keeper with whom you’re on a first name basis and set up a Tee Time, around 10ish so your (prospective) partner has enough time to stop at the office and pick up his weekday …

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Apr 23 2018

Pathetic Earthlings

Hurling your bodies out into the void, without the slightest inkling of who or what is out here. If you had known anything about the true nature of the universe, anything at all, you would’ve hidden from it in terror. Once again I woke up this morning facing a blank page when I fully expected …

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Apr 22 2018

The Anti-Life Equation

I hope by now that regular readers will simply accept that I know a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff even though it’s not everything about anything and in some respects I’m as clueless as Sherlock- “What the deuce is it to me? You say that we go round the sun. If we …

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Apr 21 2018

Tell Your Children

Drugs are bad, mmmkay? I’m sorry. I was stoned.

Apr 20 2018

Comey Is No Hero

One of the most frustrating things this past week has been watching James Comey make the rounds of Stephanopoulos, Maddow, The View, along with other outlets and be lauded as some paragon of moral rectitude and virtue. Jim Comey is a lifelong Republican who willingly and enthusiastically signed off on Torture (a War Crime in …

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Apr 20 2018

Dispatches From The War On Truth

Being our occasional journey to an alternate reality where the sky is sort of écru plaid. Comey Ruining Smoking Cohen Awards Punks Nikki Nikki You’re So Fine Teachers Suck Facebook Sucks Actually that last one is a fact.

Apr 19 2018

A Car, But With Black People In It

Police: Trust us, the black man we gunned down outside a Walmart deserved it by Alan Pyke, Think Progress Apr 19, 2018 Barstow Police Department officers shot and killed 26-year-old Diante Yarber on April 5 in his cousin’s black Ford Mustang. Yarber and three others were parked outside a Walmart in the southeastern California city …

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