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Apr 16 2017

A Message From The Easter Bunny

Apr 15 2017

Sensory Overload

How did you go bankrupt? Two ways. Gradually and then suddenly. – The Sun Also Rises, 1926

Apr 11 2017


I haz it. I can hardly bear to stand next to a steep drop or precipice whether the structure is man-made or natural, think Empire State Building or cliff (though I can and frequently do, my fear does not master me. On other hand I don’t like it at all.). That’s not why I hate …

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Apr 10 2017

Bouncing The Rubble

It is a little known fact (well, except to students of history and military affairs) that blowing up flat places and chunks of concrete closes airstrips for exactly as long as it takes to bulldoze the place flat again and toss some Marston Mat on top, especially for Russian planes which are designed from the …

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Apr 10 2017

Dirty Talk From Bill O’Reilly

With a prose style like that you can see why all the women want him and all the men want to be like him.

Apr 10 2017


There, I’ve made it not just as dull as a British person drawing a map, but just as dull as a British person explaining drawing a map.

Apr 09 2017


It means a man with a sexually unfaithful wife. Even the concept has sexist, homophobic, and misogynous implications that I may explore later under a “women as property” theme, but I suspect the reason “cuck” is an attractive term to conservatives of a politically incorrect mindset is the alliteration and assonance with a certain, more …

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Apr 09 2017

Mistakes were made.

Live… for now.

Apr 08 2017

The Missing Minutes

Or, The Night Without A Sponsor No doubt you’ve heard about Bill O‚ÄôReilly’s ~$14 Million settlements of sexual harassment cases (still a drop in the bucket compared to the Billions municipalities across the United States have paid to settle and suppress cases of Police Murder) and sympathized as insincerely as you can but it is …

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Apr 07 2017

First We Take Manhattan

What can I say? I’m a sucker for Technopop. Dear Brian Williams: Leave the rhapsodies to Cohen By Christine Emba, Washington Post April 7, 2017 Brian Williams is a student of the arts. We were reminded of this Thursday night as he waxed rhapsodic over the sight of 50 cruise missiles streaking towards Syria, an …

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