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  2. Seattle Teachers NO Mayor Burgess NO Mayor Murray — 02/17/2013
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Jun 09 2013

NO Suzanne Dale Estey for Michael Debell’s open School Board Seat

NO Suzanne Dale Estey for Michael Debell’s open School Board Seat !!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been a high school math teacher at Franklin High in Seattle for 7 years, and when I look at the different lists of Ms. Estey’s supporters, I cringe.  http://suzanne4schools.com/ind…

I am very liberal socially. I’ve been a lowly grunt in a lot of local, state and national campaigns over the decades. Among her supporters are many who I’ve voted for, campaigned with and spoken with over those decades. Her supporters labeled “Elected Officials” have done little or nothing to really change the game over the decades, despite earning leader paychecks. For decades the game has been misinformation and lies against community investment by the Ronald Reagans, Newt Gingrichs, Tim Eymans and Rodney Toms. The game has been compromise after compromise with the Rodneys and the Reagans, accompanied by excuse after excuse for the compromises, and cumulating with more time at the trough of 6 figure a year salaries for those “leaders” making the compromises and the excuses. In a compromise, aren’t we supposed to get something we wanted, instead of getting less of something worse?

Some of her supporters are Seattle School Board members who supported Maria Goodloe Johnson’s deformer policies with vote after vote. How much good did the slick sound bites of her deformer policies do for those of us actually working with kids?  One of those policies is evaluating teachers by the junk “science” of student test scores, or “Valued Added Measures” (VAM).  For those of you without math or science backgrounds, VAM isn’t junk because I’m a loud mouth and because I don’t like it, it is junk because real scientists say it isn’t valid. (google “John Ewing VAM”). Why are deformer policies loaded with consultants, sound bites and teacher blaming?

25 years ago I was cooking in Boston, and 10 years ago I left Microsoft after being a serf for 5 years. I’ve seen family wage jobs and middle income careers outsourced and sold out with compromise after compromise, excuse after excuse. The deformers talk a great game about helping the kids, and their results are going to be a bunch of junk-mart schools staffed with adults too terrified or cowed to stand up to their junk-mart bosses.  When it comes time to vote, if you consider Suzanne Estey because I’m an unhinged arm waving loudmouth – fine!

I’ll be voting for Sue Peters for School Board.  


Feb 17 2013

Seattle Teachers NO Mayor Burgess NO Mayor Murray

I’m going to put the diary below the fold.  I want it to fit on 1 page of paper for those of us who are paying for our own leaflets.

I will be distributing it to fellow citizens when the sell out 0-crat$ darling Michelle Rhee comes to Seattle on Tues., 19 Feb.


I will be distributing it at local Democratic party legislative district meetings in the next few months: the 36th (Hey Tim!), the 43rd (Hey Ed!), the 46th and the 32nd.  

Dec 03 2012

I’m a Dem-o-green? A Green-o-crat?

Do YOU know that YOUR housing security, YOUR retraining security, YOUR health care access security … YOUR security is dependent upon YOUR access to family wage jobs and or YOUR access to family wealth subsidizes, the lottery, and the kindness of strangers?

YOUR security is Green.

Something I’ve struggled with for the last few years is that the Democratic Party has kind of deliverd the goods a bit, or, protected the goods a bit, on gay marriage, on Plan B, on Lilly Ledbetter – and as a 52 year old white guy, it is easy for me to say – ‘it ain’t enough’.

I’ve voted Dem POTUS in 8 of 9 POTUS elections in my life, and I’ve voted for countless Dems. I have voted to protect unemployment, which I’ve been on several times. I have voted to protect retraining, which I’ve been on twice. I have voted to protect financial aid and student loans, which I’ve used 4? 5? times in my life. I’ve voted to protect public education because it helped me and, now it keeps me employed helping others!  I’ve voted to protect food stamps and welfare cuz I was on all of it in the 70’s as a teen! Sheesh – maybe that welfare thing is why those other programs were so important to me!!!

BUT, when the Democratic Party sells us bottom feeders of the bottom 75% and 80%* out to the American Health Insurance somethign (AHIP), Pharma, Wall Street & Geithner & Summers & Bernake & AIG, Rahm & Arne & TFA Kopp – KIPP, what are we fighting FOR?

When the Dems sell us out to the big boyz & kind of “protect” the fraying pretty much shot … ha ha ha …safety net, when they sell us out and throw some bones our way on Plan B or gay marriage – WHERE is this going?

Company Town A – the 1/2% isn’t accountable or responsible, has all the rewards, and our bosses are a bunch of racist, sexist, homophobic 13th century white guy droolers who like to kiss rich guy butt.  

Company Town B – the 1/2% isn’t accountable or responsible, has all the rewards, and our bosses are a bunch of non-racist, non-sexist, gay friendly diverse yuppies who like to kiss rich guy butt.

I know that MY housing security, MY retraining security and MY health care access security is dependent upon MY access to family wage jobs, the lottery, and the kindness of strangers, all of which equals good f’king luck.

I’m DONE with Democrats who are offering me Company Town B.

Can we have a The Green Security Party? Make The Community Work Well Party? Leaders who are managing community green for the community instead of the parasites skimming the community? We surely have “leaders” making sure the Green is going in their pockets for their nice houses in their nice hoods!



*From the Census Bureau, PINC-01, there were appx. 247 million over the age of 15 in 2011, and appx. 214 million had money income. Of that 214, appx.  

160 million had less than $50k in money income

188 million had less than $75k in money income

26 million had OVER $75k in money income

14.9 million had OVER 100k in money income.