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Another intro…Remember Who We Are

if you will…

If you are of an age perhaps this too will help reconnect. Regardless,  (whippersnappers) there was a time when many believed we could do better and music helped us understand what we were doing and why we were doing it.  Perhaps this sentiment from a time before time can connect again now.  It’s not so much about them as it about us.

Anyway, Nash and Crosby, the BBC 1970 ~ 1971.


Got this message.

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In YouTube use “Old embed code”.- ek

Big Al. Really?

Well here it is, GBCW…

My comment:

So many Voices are so tired of the Barbara Streisand that goes on here and so many have been silenced or left.  We are a diminished community for each and every one.

I will truly miss you bro…

Of  course Raptivo just had to post the “Well..Bye” vid.  What a dick.

Oops. Sorry is that DBAD?  I don’t care.  He’s a dick.

Hello, you denizens

Well, Hi.

I think I can say this stuff here.  If not, let me know.

Read GOS going back to 2007, joined in 2011.  And it’s been fairly amazing.  

More and better Democrats.  Yup…


It seems that for some reason, those with a contrarian opinion on or in support of a particular issue within the global context of being a Democrat are either accepted or rejected (attacked).  Conformity seems to be the overriding principle for continued participation in the “discussion”.

I think over the past 4 years, there have been, what?, 3 or 4 mass purges/boycotts/punishments?  It’s what happens cyclically to keep the purity of the site’s intent? That is, sit-down and STFU?

All I know is that so many voices have been silenced.  Banned, GBCW’d, fled, just left.  They were mainly more of the better writers, they had a POV and were willing to defend it.  They all got sh*t slammed and are no longer there.  How about the FP, or the sacrosanct Porch, or RKBA, or the never-ending attack vs Christians (hello Blue Collar Dems?) or IP where the one has been anointed somehow (since there is no one left with cred to disagree) and one cannot disagree – with anything opined.  Sheesh.

GOS is a pale comparison to its former self, imho.

DBAD is now the universal cover to quell dissent and discussion.

The moderation is all f’d up.  

And, last but not least, there are about a dozen contributors that are everywhere – they’re in the diaries,  they’re in the hiddens, in the dead threads, they’re on the Help Desk.  They’re f’g everywhere, every day.  No, no, they’re not a “group”.  They’re just always there with their pile-on  HR’s and communal condemnation of those that dare disagree.  Perhaps their day will come soon?  

I know, “we” are mad as hell!  We have instituted an investigation and will get back to you with the results in our own sweet time.

On to the mid-terms and 2016, Yea!