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  2. Evil ek — 09/21/2018
  3. The Threat — 09/20/2018
  4. Toad from Mario — 09/20/2018
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Sep 21 2018

Anita Hill

Wasn’t she a Law Clerk or something? Joe Hill was a very real guy, Joel Emmanuel Hägglund, a Swedish immigrant (White enough for you? Not Ben Franklin. Swedes are filthy mud people who smell of Herring and Punsch.). Anyway Joe wrote about half the Little Red Songbook of the Wobblies and is memorialized in most …

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Sep 21 2018

Evil ek

I suppose I should have warned you about this before. I have an evil twin who looks exactly like me and has all my passwords. Now I realize this can cause some confusion so I have devised a foolproof test- if I say anything that diminishes your opinion of me as a suitable Supreme Court …

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Sep 20 2018

The Threat

I have rejected all religions (including Paganism) and belive only in the study of philosophy. What is truth? Is it unchanging law? Oh this is new. Respect for Ceasar? Until now it has been noticably lacking. Evangelical Leaders Are Frustrated at G.O.P. Caution on Kavanaugh Allegation By Jeremy W. Peters and Elizabeth Dias, Washington Post …

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Sep 20 2018

Toad from Mario

Ugh. Not Enough Brain Bleach. Be Democrats Beep Beep

Sep 19 2018

Sturm und Drang

Good for China? Too soon to tell. These quotes from Republicans give away their game on Kavanaugh By Greg Sargent, Washington Post September 19 2018 The Republicans’ strategy to get Brett Kavanaugh confirmed is to do the absolute minimum necessary to appear as if they are taking the sexual assault charges against him seriously — …

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Sep 18 2018

Rum, Lime, Sugar

The Blender is optional as is the ice but you miss the “Slurpee” effect. Those who experience blackouts should refrain from using heavy and dangerous machinery.

Sep 18 2018


I’m a Historian and part of the punishment was not only Economics 101 where I learned about Aggregate Demand and Supply (one metaphor is the difference between too cheap to meter and “I wonder what this puppy would do if I cranked it up to 11.” Instead of water I could sell buckets.) but also …

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Sep 17 2018

Not The Ground I Wish To Fight On

Perhaps I am the heartless and cruel bastard I pretend to be. I should accept on face value everything Christine Blasey Ford has said about her sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh There’s no doubt that if her recollection is at all accurate ‘sexual assault’ is the correct and proper name for what happened though I …

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Sep 16 2018

Radioactive Teleporting Sow-Breeding Nazi Boars!

Are taking over the world!

Sep 15 2018

Lousy Paperboy

Better at documentaries.

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