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Nov 16 2010

Prime Time

Pretty much premiers.

I suppose I should say a word or 2 about Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  Yes I kinda sorta watched it in that face down on the keyboard in a puddle of drool sort of way which gives me nightmares about Stephen Colbert beating me with his Platinum membership card because I don’t buy enough Prescott Pharmaceuticals.

Sarah is absolutely right.  Yelling at Bears and their cubs while you’re stealing their fish is kind of begging Darwin to smite you Piper.  What was more interesting to me is that she didn’t wait 5 minutes to call out Joe McGinniss which sort of set the tone for her 40 minute campaign ad that plodded leadenly from talking point to talking point.

Mama Grizzlys indeed.

Now you may have a different impression and if not you have a chance to form a totally new one based on my particular prejudices tonight when it repeats, but when I say it lacks the drama and sincerity of Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch I’m making a professional judgement as a critic.

Because I’m not a journalist, just a deadline writer.


Dave hosts Emma Watson (easily the brightest witch of her generation), Scott Caan, and Rascal Flatts.  Jon has Marion Jones, Stephen David Stern (Hoopies).  Alton does Fried Turkey and Stuffing.  Conan hosts LL Cool J, B.J. Novak, and Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings.

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