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Jun 19 2019

Six In The Morning Wednesday 19 June 2019

  Vaccines: Low trust in vaccination ‘a global crisis’ By Michelle RobertsBBC News Public mistrust of vaccines means the world is taking a step backwards in the fight against deadly yet preventable infectious diseases, warn experts. The biggest global study into attitudes on immunisation suggests confidence is low in some regions. The Wellcome Trust analysis includes …

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Jun 18 2019

Six In The Morning Tuesday 18 June 2019

    Inside China’s ‘thought transformation’ camps (video) The BBC has been given rare access to the vast system of highly secure facilities thought to be holding more than a million Muslims in China’s western region of Xinjiang. Authorities there insist they are just training schools. But the BBC’s visit uncovers important evidence about the …

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Jun 17 2019

Six In The Morning Monday 17 June 2019

  Hong Kong extradition: How radical youth forced the government’s hand By Helier CheungBBC News, Hong Kong In just one week Hong Kong has witnessed two of its largest ever protests, as well its most violent protest in decades. At the forefront of these demonstrations are young people, many barely out of their teens. How …

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Jun 16 2019

Six In The Morning Sunday 16 June 2019

  Hong Kong extradition bill: Large-scale march under way Thousands of people are marching on government buildings in Hong Kong over a controversial extradition bill, despite a government climb-down. The bill, which would have allowed extradition to mainland China, prompted hundreds of thousands to demonstrate in the past week. Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam …

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Jun 15 2019

Six In The Morning Saturday 15 June 2019

  Hong Kong extradition protests: Government suspends bill The Hong Kong government has suspended its highly controversial plan to allow extraditions to mainland China, Chief Executive Carrie Lam has announced. She had previously refused to scrap the bill despite mass protests from Hong Kong residents. “I feel deep sorrow and regret that deficiencies in our work …

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Jun 14 2019

Six In The Morning Friday 14 June 2019

  Gulf of Oman tanker attacks: US says video shows Iran removing mine The US military has released a video which it says shows Iran’s Revolutionary Guard removing an unexploded mine from the side of an oil tanker damaged in an attack in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday. US officials also shared a photo of …

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Jun 13 2019

Six In The Morning Thursday 13 June 2019

  Hong Kong extradition protests leave city in shock Authorities have shut some government offices in Hong Kong’s financial district after the worst violence the city has seen in decades. By Thursday morning the crowds had largely dispersed around government headquarters – where police and protesters had pitched battles on Wednesday. The protesters are angry about …

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Jun 12 2019

Six In The Morning Wednesday 12 June 2019

    LIVE UPDATES Hong Kong protests over China extradition bill By James Griffiths, Helen Regan, Ben Westcott and Steve George, CNN Updated 4:22 a.m. ET, June 12, 2019 Police push back protesters with batons and tear gas From CNN’s James Griffiths Police reinforcements are building up en masse at Lung Wo Road. They are pushing back towards Tim Wa Avenue, which …

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Jun 11 2019

Six In The Morning Tuesday 11 June 2019

  North Korea: Hundreds of public execution sites identified, says report A South Korean NGO says it has identified 318 sites in North Korea that have been used by the government to carry out public executions. The Transitional Justice Working Group interviewed 610 North Korean defectors over four years for its report. It documented decades of …

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Jun 10 2019

Six In The Morning Monday 10 June 2019

  Hong Kong protests: Carrie Lam vows to push ahead with extradition bill Leader of government refuses to withdraw the bill, which critics fear could lead to abuse by Beijing Helen Davidson in Hong Kong and agencies  @heldavidson    Email Mon 10 Jun 2019 04.45 BST The leader of Hong Kong’s government has said she remains determined to pass …

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