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Crime Against Humanity: Forced Pregnancy

The United Nations defines “forced pregnancy” as a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. It’s right there on the first page of the official UN page. The United States is a signatory to this treaty on human rights and the Constitution defines the Constitution, then ratified treaties, then federal statutes as the supreme law of the land. https://www.un.org/en/genocideprevention/crimes-against-humanity.shtml …

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California Remains Sane

I had little doubt that the Republican attempt to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom would fail. My faith in California voters prevailed tonight with a land slide rejection of the recall. The ballot had two choices: number one was to reject the recall; number two was a choice of 46 candidates to replace Gov. Newsom. …

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Pres. Biden’s First Address To Joint Session Of Congress

Shut Up Just Send Money

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is not happy with corporate CEO’s voicing their dislike of GQP voter suppression bills. He wants them to shut up but don’t stop sending him money. Cancel culture much?? After Decades of Raking in Corporate Cash, McConnell Tells CEOs Mildly Defending Voting Rights to ‘Stay Out of Politics’ by Jake …

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Russian Oligarch Pulls Plug On Moscow Mitch

Back in 2019, then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked a bill to keep sanctions in place on Russia’s largest aluminum producer. In January, as the Senate debated whether to permit the Trump administration to lift sanctions on Russia’s largest aluminum producer, two men with millions of dollars riding on the outcome met for dinner …

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The Russian Connection: Still Following the Money

Remember Donald Trump’s business ally Felix Sater who had some really shady connections to Russian oligarchs and a money laundering scheme to build a Trump hotel in Moscow. The tower was never built and questions about $440 million went unanswered. Sater was convicted of first degree assault in 1991 for slashing a commodities broker across …

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Impeachment 2° Day 5: Final Arguments – Maybe

Yesterday the lawyers for private citizen Trump began and rested their case in a quarter of the time allotted. The Senators then submitted a round of written questions to the House managers and defense attorneys. It seems that the defense lawyers don’t understand how impeachment works, it’s not a criminal or even a civil case, …

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Impeachment 2° Day 4: The Defense Begins

Yesterday, House Impeachment managers rested their case after just slightly more than four hours of very methodical closing remarks. Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD), lead manager, was the last to speak closing his statement with a quote from Thomas Paine offering Republicans a chance to be “Winter Soldiers”: Tom Paine wasn’t an American, but he came …

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Impeachment 2° Day 3: House Managers Finale

Yesterday the House Impeachment managers laid out the links to the consequences of private citizen Donald Trump’s fiery incitement on January 6 and it was devastating. Impeachment prosecutors took senators on a wrenching journey inside the horror of the US Capitol insurrection, making a devastating case that Donald Trump had plotted, incited and celebrated a …

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Impeachment 2°

Yesterday was the opening day of the second impeachment trial of now former President Donald J. Trump.The only topic that was on the table for discussion was whether the trial itself was constitutional. After presentations from the House managers and Trump’s defense lawyers, the vote was a bipartisan 56 – 44 – six Republicans voting …

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