Six In The Morning Tuesday 5 March 2024


Hamas presents truce plan to mediators

  • Hamas says ceasefire negotiations are ongoing but “the ball is in the Israeli court.”
  • Gaza’s Health Ministry says at least 97 Palestinians have been killed and 123 wounded in the latest 24-hour reporting period.

Biden says US ‘won’t stand by’ in helping get aid to Gaza

The United States is committed to pulling out every stop to get more aid to those in Gaza who desperately need it,” the US president says in a post on X.

“We won’t stand by. We won’t let up,” he added.

US military cargo planes have been air-dropping food and other supplies into Gaza as a solution for Israel’s continued blocking of aid from entering the strip and reaching its most needy.

However, the US’s move has been criticised as inefficient and simply a public relations move by members of international aid organisations. The United States continues to apply only meagre diplomatic pressure on Israel, and the Biden administration has thus far not explored options like placing sanctions on Israel or conditioning the billions of dollars in military aid the US grants the country.

Ice-free summers in Arctic possible within next decade, scientists say

Home of polar bears, seals and walruses could be mostly water for months as early as 2035 due to fossil fuel emissions

The Arctic could have summer days with practically no sea ice within the next decade due to emissions from burning fossil fuels, a study has found.

This would transform the unique habitat, home to polar bears, seals and walruses, from a “white Arctic” to a “blue Arctic” during the summer months, scientists said. The calculation used for “ice free” means less than 1m sq km, in which case the Arctic would be mostly water.

The findings, published in the journal Nature Reviews Earth ­­& Environment, suggest the first ice-free day in the Arctic could occur more than 10 years earlier than previous projections.

Germany: Far-left group claims act of sabotage on Tesla

The Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin was evacuated on Tuesday after a major power outage.

The left-wing extremist “Volcano Group” said it had carried out the assault on the power grid supplying the carmaker.

What we know so far

“We sabotaged Tesla today,” a letter from the Volcano Group said, specifying an “attack on the electricity supply.”

Police had earlier said they were investigating an initial suspicion of arson after an electricity pylon caught fire.

ICC issues warrants for two Russian officers over attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure

The International Criminal Court said Tuesday that it has issued arrest warrants for two senior Russian officers over the Ukraine war, including strikes targeting Ukrainian power infrastructure.

The move comes after the court targeted Russian President Vladimir Putin in March last year with an international arrest warrant on war crime accusations over the deportation of Ukrainian children since launching the war in February 2022.

It named the two new warrant targets as Sergei Ivanovich Kobylash and Viktor Nikolayevich Sokolov, an army lieutenant general and a navy admiral, and said the suspected crimes were committed between October 2022 and March 2023.

The two men “are each allegedly responsible for the war crime of directing attacks at civilian” targets and are also accused of the “crime against humanity of inhumane acts”, the court said.

Seven men arrested in India for alleged gang-rape of tourist

Seven men are now in custody in India for the alleged gang-rape of a tourist and assault on her husband, authorities said, in a case that has shone a new spotlight on the endemic problem of sexual violence against women in the country.

On Saturday, police announced that three men had been arrested in connection with the incident and that they were seeking four more.

Dumka Deputy Commissioner Anjaneyulu Dodde confirmed to CNN Tuesday that four further suspects had now been detained.

Facebook and Instagram in apparent global outage

By Shiona McCallum,Technology reporter

Facebook and Instagram have gone down in what appears to be a massive outage of parent company Meta’s platforms.

People trying to log onto the websites and apps were finding error messages and were unable to refresh their feeds as normal.

Tracking website Downdetector indicated hundreds of thousands of reported outages for Facebook and Instagram, affecting multiple countries.

Meta has acknowledged the issues and says it is “working on this now.”