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Mar 27 2020


Well, these ships are great but the USNS Comfort (1000 beds) won’t get to New York City for at least a couple of weeks and it’s optimized for Trauma, not Infectious Diseases so like the USNS Mercy (deployed to Los Angeles last I checked) it’s going to be a parking space for everything except Coronavirus. …

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Mar 26 2020


The Other Custer It’s hard to argue George Armstrong is the most overrated General on the U.S. side because there are so many choices, “Peach Orchard” Sickles for example.

Mar 25 2020

Cartnoon (Daily Late Night)

Steve Martin Plays Banjo In The Woods To Calm The World During Coronavirus Pandemic DJ D-NICE – CLUB QUARANTINE Getting to know your neighbors Trump desperately wishes the virus away Fast and Furious: Ventilators

Mar 24 2020


SOCIAL DISTANCE – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

Mar 23 2020


Virus Alert Christmas At Ground Zero This Is The Life

Mar 20 2020

You Only Live Once

The Lonely Island Go Kindergarten Boombox Great Day Equal Rights Mona Lisa

Mar 19 2020


Germs Foil Handy Perform This Way Tacky Holy Cow. It’s like looking in a mirror.

Mar 18 2020


Totally different from Toilet Paper. You can usually find it if you use both hands.

Mar 17 2020

Not a Rant

Because Lewis Black would never ever do that. I’d warn that it’s not safe for work, except you’re not at work. And no, I’m not obsessed with Toilet Paper, unless I run out.0

Mar 16 2020


An ek hornbeck Production. I have expressed before my preferences for regularity and order and my expectation my audience shares that, thus my disappointment at not actually being as punctual as I would desire. My Therapist thinks it a manifestation of my obsessive compulsive desire for control over my environment. I have issues. This, what …

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