John of Patmos

Like most Classical authors we know little of him and suspect what we do, yet he is wildly popular among certain people who claim to be “Christians” and the creator (if it is a singular creation and not mere zeitgeist) of an enduring meme of Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death all of which we have in abundance.

Now you may correctly surmise that I’m not advocating mass penitence and mortification (which is distinctly counter-indicated if you believe in the “Germ Theory of Disease” at all) but there’s no denying things are in a bad state and getting more so by the minute which puts a damper on my mood and my cheerful and uplifting communications.

The 2 things you need to know right away is that there is no sign of intelligent life in the Government which really doesn’t care if you live or die (as long as you do it quickly and save money) but which cares a good deal about the perception the Economy is humming along based on Market Indexes that don’t actually measure it.

All of which are set to tank by as much as 6 – 10%.

In a single day.

Glad my money is in Banana Futures which look better by the minute as oncoming scarcity (driven by GMO Monocropping and Global Warming) drives up the price. Oil on the other hand just had it’s production quotas collapse and in the face of decreased demand (you know, that Coronavirus thing) is going to dump from Texas Intermediate at $32 (look for that valuation today) to mid $20s if it can hold it.

Great if you want a driving vacation (headed to P.E.I. this year for the Mussels) not so good if you’ve got Billions on the line for expanding expensive Fracking you don’t need and can’t sell except at a loss.

I mean forget about Tar Sands. Better way to lose money than a Presidential Campaign.

So it’s all good and the history trends to truth and justice because they don’t change, you just have to wait long enough. I try to have a positive view and I’m in it for the long term.

It will take me until at least November to claim my free housing, don’t want to end up in Medicine Hat.


  1. Yeah, not so bad for a 1 am prediction. Dead on Crude and the first trading halt came at 7.29% a mere 7 minutes after it opened.

    30 years at less than .5% (Yup, POINT 5) money is basically free.

    Have fun with that.

  2. Hah, moving down again after 20 minutes, next break is at 13% and if it falls 20% they will effectively close for the day.

    Won’t stop the action in the Futures though.

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