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Colbert 2.0

Well, I can’t quite claim it’s an original concept but The Opposition with Jordan Klepper has debuted and I have seen it. If you were pining for The Colbert Report it’s an acceptable substitute, at least based on the premier. Jordan seems to be pushing for a little higher energy and more paranoid style than …

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Sausage Grinder of Snark (Not My President Week)

There’s a lot less regularity in these posts now that I’ve liberated them from a slavish devotion to deadlines. I primarily publish things I find funny suggested by the universe of late night TV and politics. I’m not so interested in attacks and rants (unless they’re by Lewis Black who’s always good for a chuckle) …

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Sausage Grinder of Snark (My Name is Norman Bates)

Of course you don’t get it. Maybe this will help. Hmm… maybe I didn’t warn you about the spoilers. As with everything else I hope it’s funny in an aha! Wait! What did I just see?! kind of way. I don’t do remote diagnosis and my personal pathologies of course color my judgements. Fish do …

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Sausage Grinder of Snark (Reality)

It’s overrated. John Oliver 2/12/17 SNL 2/11/17 Sam Bee: Full Frontal 2/8/17 Colbert- 2/14/17 It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s Treason Christine Baranski Seth Meyers: A Closer Look 2/14/17

Sausage Grinder of Snark (French Toast Day)

So another snow apocalypse is coming. This one is sort of unusual because Stars Hollow was in the mid 60s today. It starts with freezing rain at midnight and progresses to 8″ – 12″ by late afternoon with periods of up to 2″ per hour, all of it wet and heavy. Then comes the bone …

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Sausage Grinder of Snark (Blast from the Past)

As Stephen says, sometimes the Comedy Train has left the Station and these tired Hobo legs didn’t catch the caboose. Tonight I have reached back for 2 recent clips (though not from the most recent show, yesterday). ‘On Notice’ is highlighted because I always liked that bit even when Top Gear stole it; and also …

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Sausage Grinder of Snark (Sympathy for the Devil)

Do you want to know why you could never make me laugh. Why? Because you’re not funny. I think I’m screamingly funny and my proof is when I make a joke my friends and relations scream at me, “When’s your next appointment with your Therapist!” She thinks I’m a riot and besides I don’t talk …

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The Daily Late Show (More Debates)

This week on The Daily Show– Monday 10/3: James Marsden Tuesday 10/4: Ezra Klein Wednesday 10/5: Mark Duplass Thursday 10/6: Carmelo Anthony This week on The Late Show– Monday 10/3: Mindy Kaling, Gary Owen, Sum 41 Tuesday 10/4: Cheri Oteri, Paul F. Tompkins, Melissa Etheridge Wednesday 10/5: Armie Hammer, Lindsay Vonn, Gustavo Dudamel with the …

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The Daily Late Show (Look At These Guns)

In Jim Cooley’s open-carry America, even a trip to Walmart can require an AR-15 By Terrence McCoy, Washington Post September 17 “I’m not going to sit there and have the police called on you. I mean, I don’t want to see that crap,” Maria says, knowing what a trip to Walmart means. She knows her …

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The Daily Late Show (Culture Wars)

Douthat today (no I won’t link it, the man’s a total asshole and a moron to boot) laments the rise of “social liberalism” and the loss of the Culture Wars by which he means the freedom to be as bigoted and offensive as you want to be in public protected by your exceptional privilege. He …

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