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Oct 21 2019

The Internet Is Evil!

I used to be entirely more active on the Internet than I am today. I was Show Running about 5 or 6 regular features and writing about 8 or 9 posts a week (of course I used Sockpuppets, they were all labeled by function and identified as me, besides my and pyrhho’s sharp disagreement over …

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Oct 21 2019


Temporarily at North Lake to take the pulse (WMUR surprisingly empty of ads Sunday 11 pm, full tilt otherwise. Add Klobuchar and Sestak to Steyer and Gabbard in terms of spenders, the front runners are all personal appearances) where I had a big blow and power problems Friday. Took the weekend to tune the configuration …

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Oct 18 2019

“What A Dump!”

Despite my parochiality I’ve been in some pretty impressive public spaces including a few fairly high rent hotels (I hate Atrium lobbies the most) including the Ritz-Charlton in Naples which I’ll admit deserves it’s reputation and The Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island (ok, it’s charming if you like a slice of Victoriana and they wait …

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Oct 18 2019

Guns or Butter?

Like Quantum Mechanics (or indeed General Relativity), Modern Monetary Theory is a problem for some people because it’s not intuitive and apparently contradicts in some respects lived experience. We know apples don’t fall up for example but that’s simply an accident of failing to observe what is an extremely rare phenomena. The math that predicts …

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Oct 16 2019

Boris Blinks

As it turns out Johnson is going to follow the Benn Act and ask for an extension. The EU may moan and groan about it (I would, the Brits are being total arseholes) but the terms of Article 50 are pretty clear and they’re only at the stage where the computer asks, “Are you really, …

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Oct 15 2019

Jonathan Chiat being not entirely useless.

I know. I’m just as shocked as you are. Basically he summarizes 7 Articles and 82 Counts of Impeachable conduct by Unindicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio- I. Abusing Power for Political Gain Explanation: The single most dangerous threat to any democratic system is that the ruling party will use its governing powers to entrench itself illegitimately. …

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Oct 14 2019

Let’s chat about the weather.

Lovely day… for ducks. Or, as they say in Maine for any weather short of a Hurricane or Nor’Easter, a bit damp. Hurricanes and Nor’Easters? Breezy.

Oct 13 2019

Zombieland 3

No Rules Giuliani & Associates Family Folk Judge Connie More Muppets! The Bad Boys What the hell is a podcast? Ugh, Gym Here now, the news

Oct 12 2019

Oh, that time again.

Canceled That’s how you do it Messrs Bialistock and Bloom. Subway Tuna Melt Saturday Night The Dutchess The Ben Carson Show Ellen lives to Hoop No one’s keeping score A Nation divided by a common language What? You want news?

Oct 11 2019

The Problem With Narrow Impeachment (Sorry Nancy)

Is that Unindicted Co-Conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio is so vastly guilty. Disclosures suggest Trump’s White House politicized pretty much everything — and there are lots of witnesses By Aaron Blake, Washington Post October 11, 2019 Disclosures on Thursday suggest a White House that took very little care to separate official business from political and personal advantage …

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