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Aug 20 2018

Trade Guy

John Oliver is a pretty conventional macro economist, which is a shame really because it ties him to some unfortunate assumptions and misconceptions. He is, at least, to the left of Hayek which is something I guess. But he’s not as bafflingly wrongheaded and radical as what passes for the Trump economic brain trust. The …

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Aug 19 2018

Avenatti Jeaousy

Because I have a book dammit.

Aug 18 2018

Shaping the future.

Rachel Oates

Aug 18 2018

Cupcake Cafe Deficit

What can I say? The whole Ellis Island thing for my Grandpa. The rest is Scots/English/German. We are exceptional. Notes on a Butter Republic By Paul Krugman, The New York TimesAug. 5, 2018 During the creation of the first global economy, the one made possible by railroads, steamships, and telegraphs, the world seemed to bifurcate …

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Aug 17 2018

I’m going to the Lakers baby!


Aug 16 2018

All In The Family

Where are these guys from again? Queens? Lara Trump is a former story coordinator and producer for Inside Edition. She is married to Eric, the “dumb” one who was not quite dumb enough to schedule a meeting with half the KGB and go bragging about it in his email. Dummy is as dummy do. Tapes? …

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Aug 16 2018

The Future Is On The March!

I’m talking fascism of course Top Chef Musical Guest! I run a lot of miles of life and crime Of mountain climbs and quittin’ times Packing that load of lyin’ rhymes And tired jokes and wooden dimes I’ve been everybody’s friend, everybody’s friend I could lose my house, I could steal a car I could …

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Aug 15 2018

“Why Don’t They Eat Meat?”

Atrributions to Marie Antoinette and Marie-Thérèse are disputed but there can be no doubt that The Book of Jin chronicles that Emperor Hui in the late 4th Century (C.E.) when told that there was no rice and his subjects starving, had this sentiment. Stop being so Eurocentric. Trump’s ex-campaign manager cites traffic stop in a …

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Aug 15 2018

No Defense

Paul Manafort is a bad person (Don Jr. too). What Is a Direct Object? The direct object of a verb is the thing being acted upon as opposed to the actor. The Book No, not that one, The Briefing.

Aug 06 2018

Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Oscar

Show me ‘Exactly what you expect it’s for’ for $400 Alex. How did they possibly ignore his electrifying performance as Rodney Jones in Bayou Caviar?

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