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Aug 08 2020

Oh, My Beautiful Wickedness

What a day, what a day, what a day. Thoughts and prayers.

Aug 08 2020

This Afternoon’s Presser

There is no reason to believe it will be any different from yesterday’s. I had the good fortune not to watch any of it myself, but some people think it’s… Instructive. Calling it a ‘peaceful protest,’ Trump flouts coronavirus guidelines with golf club gathering By Toluse Olorunnipa, Washington Post August 8, 2020 Just before 7 …

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Aug 07 2020

The Death Cult Rebellion

One thing I don’t quite buy into is the optimistic projection of saving 60,000 lives (that’s 20 9/11s by the way). I don’t think 95% compliance is achievable, look at traffic laws (another full disclosure, I work closely with a company that measures traffic law compliance), the numbers are pretty horrible. When was the last …

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Aug 05 2020

Blue Voices

I have my opinions, some of which you have heard. A Two-Part piece from Vice.

Aug 04 2020

The Squad

More like this please.

Aug 04 2020

The Axios Interview

Pretty much just as terrible as you’ve been hearing.

Aug 03 2020

This is not a comedy show.

This is Clio. This is why John Oliver gets a pass and everyone else gets the ax because they’re not funny at the moment. John Oliver was never funny, he’s British and people mistake accents and class racism for humor when in fact all English people are deadly serious all the time and it’s only …

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Aug 01 2020

Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, William Henry Harrison, Warren G. Harding, and Russell Crowe’s Jockstrap

Things HBO Money will buy for $2000 Alex. Also Marble Runs.

Jul 31 2020

Opening Schools

Oh, Major League Baseball. Cardinals’ positive tests, postponement create another coronavirus crisis for embattled MLB By Dave Sheinin, Washington Post July 31, 2020 The Cardinals’ game Friday in Milwaukee, which was to be the Brewers’ home opener, was postponed, MLB announced, and will be made up as a doubleheader Sunday; the teams’ scheduled game for …

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Jul 31 2020

Mike Fink

The King of the Keelboaters was a real, live jive, Legend of the United States Western Frontier (well, if you consider Ohio the Western Frontier) like Daniel Boone and Dan Morgan, not some fictionalized Paul Bunyan or Pecos Bill. Consider that the next time you dismiss some completely true story as a mere Conspiracy Theory. …

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