Nov 25 2010

Big Balloon Parade!

Last Sunday at noon, 18 Helium Balloons in the shape of familiar and popular cartoon characters stepped off at the intersection of Hoyt and Summers for their 17th annual appearance.

The tallest balloon, Popeye, stands a whopping 65 feet and this year 2 new balloons were added, Fred Flintstone and Scooby Doo.

Over 100 volunteers assist at the event as balloon handlers and Parade Marshals and it’s organized by a permanent steering committee of 3 and sponsored by UBS.  This year’s Grand Marshal was John Starks, formerly of the Knicks and the Master of Ceremonies Alan Kalter of Late Night with David Letterman.

It was quite a spectacular sight and I bet you’re sorry you missed it because there’s just no better way to feel that Master of the Universe consumerist buying spirit of the 4th Quarter than standing in the Hedge Funded Concrete Canyons of downtown Stamford Connecticut and…

You say there’s another Balloon Parade?  In New York City?  And it’s on TV?

Then why was I freezing my ass off… oh, never mind.

Coverage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade starts at 9 am on CBS (which is a little up route so you see things first) and NBC (which covers the lame lip syncing at Herald Square).

Liveblogging below.


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  1. ek hornbeck
  2. ek hornbeck
    1. Buzz Lightyear
    2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (new)
    3. Horton
    4. Kermit the Frog
    5. Pikachu with Poke Ball
    6. Pillsbury Doughboy
    7. Kung Fu Panda (new)
    8. Ronald McDonald
    9. Sailor Mickey Mouse
    10. Shrek
    11. Smurf
    12. Snoopy as the Flying Ace
    13. Spider-Man
    14. Spongebob Squarepants
    15. “Super Cute” Hello Kitty

    I imagine this is the approximate order of march.  You’ll note there are only 15 of them.

  3. ek hornbeck

    Cloudy with the chance of precipitation rising from 10% to 20% and temperature rising from 36 to 42 degrees.

    The wind will start out from the North West at 2 miles an hour and shift to the South South West at 4 miles an hour.

  4. ek hornbeck

    I hesitate to post it because it loads slowly and is almost completely uninformative, but here it is anyway.

  5. ek hornbeck

    I’m watching CBS at the moment because they’re first and I’ll be able to give you heads ups.

  6. ek hornbeck

    You know you’re a D-Lister when you get Parade duty.

    4 years of being abused for the CBS crew.

  7. BobbyK

    What happened? The Al Roker balloon is smaller than I remember it.

  8. ek hornbeck

    NBC will have Alton and the Rockettes.

  9. TMC

    is on the scheduled guest list

  10. TMC

    without the line dancing

  11. BobbyK

    going to ride in on a turkey?

    I’m so glad this isn’t going to be over produced.

  12. ek hornbeck

    Someone in management hates you.

    Silly street performances in Herald Square on NBC.

    Now there showing a gajillion cheerleaders doing Country.


  13. ek hornbeck

    There’s been a Snoopy spotting near Central Park.

  14. ek hornbeck

    The last time I saw one of those was at Lake Compounce and it was just about the lamest thing ever.

  15. TMC

    are going to drive me nuts

  16. ek hornbeck

    There’s that Al Roker Blimp.

    Oh wait, that’s Al.

  17. ek hornbeck

    The Musical.

  18. Friend of the court

    i have to wait until 9:00am to watch because that’s when it gets to my rabbit ears.  hope the censors don’t get ahold of it in the meantime.

  19. ek hornbeck

    Bloomberg on CBS.

  20. ek hornbeck

    Look straight up at the camera instead of the people you’re lip syncing for.

  21. ek hornbeck

    No actual parade coverage so far.

  22. ek hornbeck

    get out of the way of the fucking band you buffoon!

  23. ek hornbeck

    At least we’ve seen part of a band and a long shot of Spongebob on NBC.

  24. ek hornbeck

    CBS has taped studio singing that was probably put in the can six months ago.

  25. ek hornbeck

    Also Big Apple Circus on CBS.

  26. ek hornbeck

    And the parade is only 10 BLOCKS AWAY!

    Much more entertainment to come!

  27. ek hornbeck

    Boys in Tutus with english accents dancing.

    And this has what to do with a parade?

  28. ek hornbeck

    How about the parade folks?

  29. ek hornbeck

    We have a cooking Demo on tape!

  30. ek hornbeck

    Each year I forget how crappy the coverage has gotten.

  31. ek hornbeck

    I remember our Band Director pitching the Macy’s parade as “National TV Exposure!”

    Now they hardly show the floats or balloons at all, and never the bands.

    This is the feeblist attempt at entertainment I’ve seen sin Bristol on Dancing with the Stars.

    Oh and Delay got busted.

  32. ek hornbeck

    with commentary on CBS.

    And a band from Missouri.

    Kermit and Spiderman are the longest Balloons and Kermit had to be replaced recently.

    Peanuts float and The Wimpy Kid Balloon.

  33. ek hornbeck

    Tom Turkey Float.

    40 Years old that float.

  34. ek hornbeck
  35. ek hornbeck

    76 feet long, 26 feet wide, and 56 feet tall.

  36. ek hornbeck
  37. ek hornbeck

    Sketchilly animated.

  38. BobbyK

    and only out of one eye.

    Any coverage on the helium shortage?  

  39. ek hornbeck

    Purdue University band, 373 members.

  40. ek hornbeck

    And the Peanuts float.

  41. ek hornbeck

    That’s Alton riding him.

    Lip syncing.

  42. TMC

    I had to finish the What’s Cooking for today. I ran out of steam and was too distracted to finish it at 2 AM.

  43. Friend of the court

    no, it was only a promo on nbc.

  44. ek hornbeck

    Long shot of Spongebob.

    Celebrity interview.

  45. ek hornbeck

    They look almost like the real thing.

  46. TMC

    to lip sync

    1. ek hornbeck

      why FX is running Kung Fu Panda 9 times today.

    2. Friend of the court
  47. ek hornbeck

    Jeanette McCurdy is the talented one.

  48. ek hornbeck
  49. TMC
  50. TMC
  51. ek hornbeck

    Just as long a Kermit.

    Kanye West on Big Apple float.

  52. TMC
  53. Eddie C

    No time to read because I’m getting ready for a drive to Oldbridge, NJ.

    Happy Thanksgiving.  

  54. ek hornbeck
    1. BobbyK


  55. ek hornbeck
  56. ek hornbeck
  57. ek hornbeck

    42 feet tall, 47 feet long.

  58. ek hornbeck

    University of Southern Mississippi Marching Band.

    1. Friend of the court

      you never know what’s not there.  cbs is local news here, and that’s not even a news event.  sears is open from 7:00 until noon today.  last night we set a record for coldest november since records.

  59. ek hornbeck

    Sailor Micky Balloon.

    1. ek hornbeck

      It’s really hard to find good sources for this stuff.

  60. TMC
    1. ek hornbeck

      Who’d a thunk?  I thought he was constructed out of pure evil.

    2. BobbyK

      Cowboy Up.

  61. ek hornbeck
  62. ek hornbeck

    The Bunny is a Balloonicle.

  63. ek hornbeck

    Something seems out of sync here.

  64. ek hornbeck
  65. ek hornbeck
  66. ek hornbeck
    1. BobbyK

      for billy elliot I think.

  67. ek hornbeck

    Celebrity interviews won’t wait.

  68. ek hornbeck

    The Poke Ball is a separate piece.

    Pikachu is 53 feet high.

  69. TMC

    I bet it will be without all the double entendres

  70. ek hornbeck

    Not much irony in that.

  71. TMC

    at Gov.Patterson over the casino deal with a tribe from another state. It may not e legal anyway. Feds are reviewing it

  72. ek hornbeck

    With a different pait job that turtle could have been a snail.

  73. BobbyK

    Macy’s Thanksgiving Commercial Parade!

    Feels like the ratio of commercials to parade is way up.

    But hey, the Superbowl must-see-tv commercials are just a few weeks away!

    1. BobbyK

      clowns now?

  74. ek hornbeck
  75. ek hornbeck
  76. BobbyK

    the black eyed peas was pretty good.

    1. ek hornbeck

      But I’m surfing pretty fast.

  77. ek hornbeck

    Huh, they’re retiring Shrek.

  78. TMC

    has a lot to thank Kanye West for this Thanksgiving. Someone needs to teach her to stand up straight, though. Her posture is terrible

    1. BobbyK

      Snoopy come home?

  79. TMC

    with mixed berry fruit, nuts and a little brown sugar

  80. TMC

    City Billy

    1. ek hornbeck
  81. ek hornbeck
  82. ek hornbeck
    1. ek hornbeck

      That never happens to me.

    2. Friend of the court
      1. TMC

        I have channel 4 (NBC) with Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera st 34 St. and All Roker at the start.

  83. ek hornbeck
  84. ek hornbeck

    Sailor Mickey which also already cruised through Herald Square.

    Time is out of joint.

    1. TMC

      a dozen people at your house asking questions like “what ya’ doin’?”

  85. ek hornbeck

    It be another Ballonicle.


    1. ek hornbeck
      1. TMC

        and a tummy tuck. 😉

  86. ek hornbeck

    That last band had a nice move back into marching formation.

    1. Friend of the court
  87. ek hornbeck

    Because what is America without Boy Bands?

  88. TMC
  89. ek hornbeck

    Pikachu also has lighted cheeks.

    10th appearance.

  90. TMC

    for Taylor’s special tonight? 😉

    1. TMC

      with the carcass and my recipe for wild mushroom risotto

  91. TMC

    I feel confident that America could beat the Taliban in a a pizza cookoff.

  92. TMC

    and gorgeous still

  93. TMC

    no pom poms

  94. ek hornbeck

    mishima should love this, they played the theme from ‘Space Battleship Yamamoto’.

    1. BobbyK

      missed them. Lowering the heat on our libby’s pumpkin pie.

  95. ek hornbeck

    Big Apple float with Kanye West.

  96. ek hornbeck

    2nd year for this balloon.

    1. ek hornbeck

      I just type whatever comes into my head.

    2. TMC

      Heh, you’ll be pretty close to me. Drive careful

      1. ek hornbeck

        The banter was about the pooper scooper law.

    3. BobbyK
      1. Friend of the court

        hope those cartoons got a scan or a patdown before they could fly.

  97. ek hornbeck


  98. TMC

    I could say a lot about Kool Aid but it’s Thanksgiving.

    1. Friend of the court
  99. TMC
  100. ek hornbeck

    Noche Buena?

    This is ‘murrika.

    1. TMC
      1. ek hornbeck

        NBC tape delays for the West Coast.  CBS runs live nationwide.

        CBS is actually kind of a pirate operation, they don’t pay Macy’s for broadcast rights, but it’s a news event.

  101. TMC

    Kanye West could employ all the #99’ers with that gold he is wearing

  102. ek hornbeck
  103. ek hornbeck
  104. TMC
  105. BobbyK

    Turkey’s in. Potato and stuffing in at 1245. So far so good.

    1. ek hornbeck

      Going with pasta or just eggplant?

  106. ek hornbeck
    1. TMC

      without Pizza? Thanksgiving. ugh

      1. Friend of the court
  107. TMC

    a song about ADD

    1. TMC

      It holds together better when serving.  

  108. ek hornbeck

    3rd year.

  109. TMC

    We all fall down. Thank you for helping us get up.

    Now bring the jobs back to America

    1. TMC

      they are at different locations?

  110. TMC
  111. TMC

    Recycling all the 60’s and 70’s stuff

  112. ek hornbeck

    Computer hogging down, had to reboot.

    1. TMC

      less FCC fines later.

  113. TMC

    coming up

  114. TMC

    It’s one from Eddie C’s pictures

  115. ek hornbeck

    Macy’s Great American Marching Band.

    Didn’t Mc Donalds used to pay for this?

  116. ek hornbeck
    1. Friend of the court

      your photos.  

      1. TMC
  117. TMC

    no Here Comes Santa Claus

  118. ek hornbeck

    18 floats, 12 Marching Bands…

    And Santa.

    Patriots @ Lions in 15 minutes.

    Think I’ll take a nap.

    1. ek hornbeck

      We’ve pretty much made it up as we go along.

  119. TMC

    I am off to the shower and my walk. I’ll be back for another live blog a little later.

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