Jan 09 2011

Wildcard Throwball Weekend: Sunday

Did I mention sentiment and loathing?

It’s hard to get worked up about the early game @ 1 pm on CBS.  On the one hand the Ravens are kind of overdogs in comparision to the Chiefs who haven’t been in the playoffs for a long time.  On the other hand I know a rabid Chiefs fan and he’s a total idiot.

Pick ’em.

Now the late game @ 4:30 pm on FOX I can get enthused about.  In the first place I’m only half troll and over the bridge we’re all huge fans of the Pack.  Not to mention it’s the only publicly owned franchise in the NFL so it has that anarcho-syndicalist vibe to it.

And then you have the Iggles, loathsome not just because they play in the same division as my Giants, but also because they employ the despicable Michael "Dog Killer" Vick.  Obama may have forgiven him, but I sure haven’t.

So I think you know how to root.  As I did yesterday I’ll try to note breaking developments in the comments and bump this when the late game starts.

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