Oct 02 2011

2011 AL Playoffs- Devil Rays at Texas (perhaps Tigers at Yankees)

Frankly I don’t know why the networks swoon at the inferior substitute for Baseball that is designated hitter derby except for the fact it keeps aging but recognizable players around long after they should have decently retired and if you think I’m talking about the bats you are sadly mistaken because I am specifically talking about the steroid enhanced liar Roger Clemons (a Ranger).  I hope he never makes the Hall of Fame because he’s a cheater just like Barry Bonds and Pete Rose.

Yesterday’s 9 – 0 rout of the Rangers by the Devil Rays’ 8th best pitcher, 2 weeks up from the minors in his second ever Major League start, was the only bright spot in a long day of frustration.  I can only hope for similar amusement tonight and a swift exit for the Bush league ball club.

Gives them time to rest up for the Yankees.

Speaking of, when we left the most hated team in America they were tied with the Tigers at 1 – 1 coming to bat in the bottom of the second.  All the breathless speculation about whether their aces Sabathia and Verlander will return to the mound with 25 and 27 pitches respectively is stupid because they are highly unlikely to complete even 3 or 4 more innings tonight with heavy intermittent rain forcast.

I don’t know what that will do to the schedule and if Bud Selig is doing anything except hoping for the best I’d be completely surprised given his general level of incompetant idiocy.

If they play I’ll post updates in this thread.  I suspect instead it will be a washout and we will resume tomorrow at 3 on TNT.  Rangers/Rays will start at 7 pm also on TNT.

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