2011 World Series- Rangers at Cardinals Game 7

Late night?  Who, me?  I got a whole 3 hours of sleep before the banging from the roofers woke me up.  Fresh as a daisy I am.  But we’ll get to Qualifying in India when we get to it, for now let’s contemplate how huge yesterday’s loss was for the Rangers.  In a word, immense.

The only thing missing was Bill Buckner.

ek you say, how can you be so sanguine after a close fought 10 – 9 victory in 11 innings?  Well for one thing the home team has won 7 of the last 7 game 7s and there is that natural Senior League advantage in a Senior League park.  Also Washington wasted Holland who’s been the only starter who looked good the entire Series in relief when he could have started today on full rest.  In fairness my Dad points out that if they’d won Washington would have looked like a genius.

Instead they’ll pitch Matt Harrison, who gave up five runs in 3 2/3 innings in Saturday’s 16 – 7 blowout.  The Cardinals will counter with Chris Carpenter who hasn’t looked all that impressive but better than Harrison.  The Bullpens are a ‘pick ’em’ after all the work they’ve had though Ogando and Feliz appear particularly tired.

Napoli will start which is good for the Rangers because they desperately need his bat, though how long his bad ankle will permit him to squat is a question.  Cruz will also start despite his groin pull.  Holliday will be benched in favor of Craig which is no handicap for the Cardinals given his pathetic .158 average.

And they have the Rally Squirrel-

Unless there is a rain delay this is the last game of the season and as I mentioned last night the Collective Bargaining Agreement expires December 11th, so enjoy your Baseball while you can.


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  1. Not looking to pleased. Let’s see if he is happier supporting Perry

  2. and the crowd s going nuts

  3. I for one welcome our new Red Bird overlords.

    See you at 4:30 a for Qualifying.

  4. I’m waiting for some of the players to get carried away and star kissing each other full on the mouth.

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