Apr 04 2015

2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament: Semifinals

Sunday’s Results-

Score Seed Team Record Score Seed Team Record Region
70 4 Louisville 26-9 76 7 * Michigan State 27-11 East
66 1 Duke 32-4 52 2 Gonzaga 34-6 South

Go Spartans!

Composed by Leonard Falcone.

Tonight’s Matchups-

Time Channel Seed Team Record Region Seed Team Record Region
6:00pm TBS 1 Duke 32-4 South 7 Michigan State 27-11 East
8:49pm TBS 1 Wisconsin 35-3 West 1 Kentucky 38-0 Mid-West

Tonight in addition to the national coverage we will have home team broadcasts using the commentators who cover the regular season games.  On TNT we will be seeing the crews that do Duke and Kentucky and on True the ones for Michigan State and Wisconsin.

I guess that tells you how the experts are calling it.

As for me I think State can definitely beat Duke who are not all that by any means.  Likewise I give Wisconsin at least an even chance against Kentucky who have proven with several scares that they’re not very special.

The NCAA didn’t pull the Final Four over Indiana’s bigoted RFRA but logistically they hardly could on just a week’s notice.  They are however talking about pulling their national headquarters out of Indianapolis which would be a good thing for its own sake, not just as a protest.

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