Apr 04 2016

Pondering the Pundits

I’ve been traveling this week, so blogging will be light. Today’s Pundits is a departure from the usual format. At the moment, I have not supported either of the Democratic candidates for president. part of the reason is I see very little difference, policy wise, between them and a good many of those policies, foreign and domestic, are what got this country into the current mess. That said, it brings me to what Paul Krugman wrote in his blog at the New York Times, “Conscience of a Liberal.” Keep in mind Herr Doktor is an Obama believer, I am not, especially on the so-called Affordable Care Act. However, what he said in his post, “Feel the Math,” is spot on and applies to both Democratic candidates.


… Now, as the bumper stickers don’t quite say, stuff happens. But at this point it’s something like a 90 percent probability that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. Anyone denying that arithmetic is basically pulling a con job on Sanders supporters.

So what does that say about appropriate behavior on the part of her rival? Two things, I’d argue.

First, the Sanders campaign needs to stop feeding the right-wing disinformation machine. Engaging in innuendo suggesting, without evidence, that Clinton is corrupt is, at this point, basically campaigning on behalf of the RNC. If Sanders really believes, as he says, that it’s all-important to keep the White House out of Republican hands, he should stop all that – and tell his staff to stop it too.

Second, it’s time for Sanders to engage in some citizenship. The presidency isn’t the only office on the line; down-ballot races for the Senate and even the House are going to be crucial. Clinton has been raising money for other races; Sanders hasn’t, and is still being evasive on whether he will ever do so. Not acceptable….

Sanders doesn’t need to drop out, but he needs to start acting responsibly.


Krugman’s first point also applies to Hillary, her supporters and staff. Let the three Republican idiots attack each other and their families, Democrats need to be better than them and that shouldn’t be that difficult.

Even if in November, you can’t vote for either Democrat, keep in mind there bigger prizes: the US Senate and House, as well as, state and local legislatures and councils.

As always, these are my opinions alone. This is an open thread