Apr 17 2016

Rant of the Week: Bill Maher – Tax the Churches

Talk about tax havens, in the United States today there are over three hundred religious organizations that pay no taxes, many of which, have a heavy influence in the political system, like the Catholic Church. Today, tax payers are subsidizing religious schools and other institutions, like hospitals, while these groups pay no property or corporate taxes. Yet they use their members to force their religious beliefs on others through politics and court battles. So why shouldn’t they be paying taxes, instead of getting a free ride? The First Amendment of the US Constitution established that Congress shall make no laws that promotes one religion over another or that restricts an individual’s religious practices. No where does it say that theses religious institutions can’t be taxed.

Bill Maher, an avowed Atheist and host of his own show on HBO, breaks down why all religious institutions should be taxed like the rest of us.

“Now that it’s April 15,” he said, “all U.S. taxpayers must call out all the deadbeats who ride for free — which includes giant corporations like GM and United Airlines, which this year are going to pay no taxes.”

As photographs of temples and churches appeared on the screen beside him, he added, “But the list should also include this place, and this one, and this one, and this one, and this one….”