Jan 21 2017

Alone In The Kitchen With An Old Frenchman

Recently French chef Jacques Pépin turned 80 and retired. Over the years, he educated viewers of Public Television on how to cook and, something that no other cooking show host has done, techniques in the kitchen with wisdom, humor and a smattering of French lessons. As Gilad Edelman wrote in a Slate article, this man will teach you how to cook

Economical Offal

Using the whole animal has always been the practice for Jacques and he assembles this make-ahead charcuterie favorite, using the oft forgotten liver in the Pork Liver Pâté step-by-step recipe. He follows this with a recipe designed to keep winter chills at bay, Roast Sausage with Potatoes. Next is the hearty yet chic dish of Braised Sweetbreads in Mirepoix, it’s full of diced vegetables. Finally, a substantial country recipe for Braised Tongue with Lentils.

Pork Liver Pâté

. Customarily served cold with French mustard and small cornichons, it makes a good first course for an evening meal or a light lunch with a salad and country bread. Serve a robust red wine.

Roast Sausage with Potatoes

This sausage is made without a casing, so its preparation is very easy. Its taste develops during the curing, which should take place in the refrigerator.

Braised Sweetbreads in Mirepoix

n this recipe, the sweetbreads are separated into pieces, braised in a vegetable sauce, and served in cream cheese barquettes.