Sep 01 2017

Sucky Blogging Ahead!


Today is another travel day and to the extent that there is any content at all I’ll have written it yesterday because I need to pack up my laptop.

Additionally I feel a spasm coming on where I use the opportunity of a semi-decluttered desk to install my new liquid cooling setup (and who knows how long that will take).

Hopefully not too terribly long and by Friday I’ll have the decks clear for the weekend as Sunday is Monza and I’ll need to be up early for that.

In the longer term TMC has an incredibly busy September, mine is less so but still more fraught than usual. October posting is slated to come from Stars Hollow North Lake about which the good news is that it will be the height of color and not too cold yet.

We will continue to do our best to document the atrocities. Drop outs and glitches mostly represent failures of my imagination anyway.