2017 Playoffs: Senior League Wild Card (Rockies at Diamondbacks)

I thought it would be harder to pick a side in this one until I remembered Colorado has legal recreational marijuana (they don’t call Denver the Mile High City for nothing). Arizona is also the home of many reprehensible policies (particularly directed at those of hispanic descent) and if John McCain dies you can be sure that their Republican Governor appoints some asshole who’ll vote to repeal Obamacare before his body is cold.

You may contend that picking a team based on their home state’s politics is unreasonable but I say it’s just as valid a criteria as their uniform color.

Tonight’s Senior League Showdown (Yes, yes I have been saving that one since Spring Training) is, on paper, basically a pick ’em. The Diamondbacks are 93 – 69 on the season and have a slightly better record than the Rockies (87 – 75). The Diamondbacks will have Zack Greinke (R, 17 – 7, 3.20 ERA) on the mound who will be faced by Jon Gray (R, 10 – 4, 3.67 ERA) of the Rockies. Both pitchers are 2 – 1 on the opposing team in the regular season.