Oct 06 2017

2017 Playoffs: Division Series Games

When I go a traveling it’s usually because I’m doing stuff, even in places as pleasant as Stars Hollow By The Sea and Stars Hollow North Lake, and I have to prioritize that.

As I had feared, what’s happening is more important than Baseball Games so I’ve had to forgo covering them as I usually would. Hopefully after the initial crush of events becomes more controllable I’ll have a chance to catch up and get ahead on my customary agenda.

Don’t think I’m not having any fun because I am, tons of it, but it takes energy and attention (and work to be honest) to make the fun happen. That’s fun too.

Tomorrow will not be any different from today, after that I might be able to achieve my ordinary levels of obnoxiousness but maybe not. We’ll have to see, I’ll be just as surprised as you are.