Dec 14 2017


So you remember that scene from the beginning of Age of Ultron where Captain America says “Language”?

Well, we have a certain degree of restriction here. Not that any contributor should feel bound by it but my cousin’s two boys know that I write online and where, and on occasion she’s been known to read aloud some of my funnier and shorter pieces for their amusement. TMC also feels that I should show some delicacy of expression for those who tune in at work.

I don’t generally find it difficult and indeed I pride myself on my ability to insult you without your hardly even knowing unless you have a Thesaurus or Dictionary handy. Still, in casual conversation, I’ve been reliably informed by an online poll that I swear like a 20 year old. You bet your betcha. I consider it quite the accomplishment since I’m over a century beyond that.

Such pleasantries are not observed at all sites however and I draw your attention to 2 pieces from Wonkette that caught my eye in the Google News Editors’ Choices this morning.

How Did Trump Family Survive All This Time Without People Reminding Them To Breathe?

Amazingly enough (or not so much) Jared, Ivanka, Melania, and The Donald himself didn’t vote for The Donald last election. This is because none of them could figure out how to properly complete an absentee ballot.

I won’t even post the next piece’s title but it points out that your typical Republican’s intellectual capacity should make them Darwinian losers except that evolution, like global warming and a spherical Earth, is a mere myth foisted on us by pointy headed scientists.

The body discusses yesterday’s appearance by Rod Rosenstein in front of the House Judiciary Committee.

I find them a hoot and a half (“world champion brain-thinkers”, heh).