Dec 16 2017

Alone In The Kitchen With An Old Frenchman

Recently French chef Jacques Pépin turned 80 and retired. Over the years, he educated viewers of Public Television on how to cook and, something that no other cooking show host has done, techniques in the kitchen with wisdom, humor and a smattering of French lessons. As Gilad Edelman wrote in a Slate article, this man will teach you how to cook

Menu Memories

Jacques and daughter, Claudine reminiscence about past menus enjoyed as a family, but first, Jacques teaches Claudine how to properly sharpen a knife in preparation for filleting a side of salmon for his Salmon Scaloppini with Sorrel Sauce. Jacques and Claudine go on to blend aromatic herbs, chunky vegetables along with a dash of red wine to make a hearty dish of Lamb Breast Navarin. While the lamb is braising, the two ‘go-green’ with a Green Salad with Mustard Dressing using Jacques’ favorite leaf – Boston lettuce. Finally, they prepare a caffeine-packed Coffee Panna Cotta, the perfect pick-me-up dessert.

Salmon Scaloppine with Sorrel Sauce

“I use sorrel from my garden in this classic recipe. The acidity of the herb cuts the richness of the sauce and the salmon. Sorrel, which cooks very quickly and becomes very soft, always turns a brownish color. A less astringent version of this dish can be made with a chiffonade of spinach instead of sorrel.” —Jacques Pépin

Coffee Panna Cotta

“My panna cotta is very delicate, so it is best eaten from the molds, like crème brûlée or junket. If you prefer to unmold it, add an extra 1/2 teaspoon gelatin to make it firmer. Using a microwave oven to melt the gelatin makes this dessert a cinch.” —Jacques Pépin