Dec 30 2017

Web Exclusive

Well, maybe not all of it, but this week between ek’smas and New Year’s is tough and depressing and without much new news to share and I’m not about to finish my 127 Chapter Autobiography “13 Years A Slave, An Intertubz History- 10 Years Of DocuDharma, 7 Years Of The Stars Hollow Gazette And Why I’ve Come To Hate Most Things Orange Except Oranges”. Hey, I think it’s a great title and I don’t much care what you think.

I miss John Oliver.


Happen to be an Illuminati, just saying.


Shallow End of the Pool


New Year’s Eve

As near as I can tell there are 32 more of these things. I’ll be doing family stuff and traveling and the weather, as you are probably experiencing yourself, is bad. I try to keep up appearances but the forecast for blogging is sucky.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.