Jan 20 2018

Klotzen, nicht Kleckern!

Es gibt keine verzweifelten Lagen, es gibt nur verzweifelte Menschen.- Heinz Guderian

Sorry, I didn’t want to write this before I was sure. In one year Donald Trump has managed to shut down the Federal Government. It’s not every day you get to see a Superpower Paper Tiger burst into flames so I recommend pulling out your hot dogs (wienies has such unfortunate connotations in the current context) and your Marshmallows, Hershey Bars, and Graham (for Lindsey) Crackers and get ready to toast them in the embers.

Let’s start out with the bad. It’s inexcusable Chuck Schumer was willing to cave on the border wall and highly likely that Institutional Democrats are going to agree to some kind of “clean” Continuing Resolution since they too are unwilling to accept a “Yes” (meaning a 20 point polling margin that squarely blames Trump, the most unpopular ever, and the Republicans, even more unpopular). What kind of support does it take, oh brave profile in courage Democrats, to make you stop sucking the Tits of your Corporatist Donors and serve your voters instead?

That said it’s kind of cool that they showed any resistance at all.

You know, a year and a day ago I stood on the Washington Mall with 2 Million others and though at 120+ my body is weaker than when I was eating hot dogs in Hillsboro my spirit hasn’t aged a bit.

How did that turn out? Well, of the 194 arrested on January 20th, 6 have been acquitted by Jury and 129 have had their charges dismissed leaving only 59 still facing trial. Reports that most of the truly guilty were outside agitators from Neo-Nazi and Klan Militia groups in Michigan, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon running false flag operations as Anti-Fascists have not been disproven, instead they’ve been ignored.

Surprising after all the fine people at Charlottesville.

The Women’s March the next day had not a single arrest, even for public drunkeness or urination (though I was very grateful the Porta-Potties on Pennsylvania Avenue were not padlocked). Not a whiff of weed either, remarkably disciplined.

And discipline is what I encourage going forward.

In an ideal world Chuck Schumer would have sat there, expressionless, fingers tented, until Mitch McConnell came to him. Going forward there would be no Continuing Resolution until after Trump gives his so-called State of the Union. We are not united, racist Neo-Confederates who represent the dumbest part of the Bell Curve have stolen the Government through ruthless Gerrymandering and transparent Corruption. Were I a Representative my seat would be empty in the most highly visible way I could manage, maybe I’d send an Aid or Intern to deposit some Mylar Party Balloons with a Happy Face on one side and “Good Luck With That!” on the other.

It is not enough to simply have spoiled his Mar-A-Lago Anniversary Party.

Man schlägt jemanden mit der Faust und nicht mit gespreizten Fingern.

Look, Guderian was a thoroughgoing Nazi but at least, like Sherman, he understood Politics by other means was not Beanbags. We’re waaay beyond Beanbags. Until I’m convinced otherwise Institutional Democrats don’t get that.

Prove me wrong.