Feb 15 2018


Like me you may have heard that there were 18 School Shootings so far this year and said to yourself, “That seems like a lot. When and where were they and why haven’t I heard about them?”

Well, you know why. Because the National Rile Association attempts to suppress this information and our Compliant, Corrupt, and Complicit Corporatist Media Aids and Abets them, Accessories After the Fact.

This list comes from EveryTownResearch.org

2/14/2018 Parkland, FL Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
2/8/2018 New York, NY The Metropolitan High School
2/5/2018 Maplewood, MN Harmony Learning Center
2/5/2018 Oxon Hill, MD Oxon Hill High School
2/1/2018 Los Angeles, CA Salvador B. Castro Middle School
1/31/2018 Philadelphia, PA Lincoln High School
1/26/2018 Dearborn, MI Dearborn High School
1/25/2018 Mobile, AL Murphy High School
1/23/2018 Benton, KY Marshall County High School
1/22/2018 Gentilly, LA The NET Charter High School
1/22/2018 Italy, TX Italy High School
1/20/2018 Winston-Salem, NC Wake Forest University
1/15/2018 Marshall, TX Wiley College
1/10/2018 San Bernardino, CA California State University, San Bernardino
1/10/2018 Sierra Vista, AZ Coronado Elementary School
1/10/2018 Denison, TX Grayson College
1/4/2018 Seattle, WA New Start High School
1/3/2018 St. Johns, MI East Olive Elementary School

There have been 45 days so far this year. That means an average of 2.5 days between shootings.

Counting weekends.