Mar 16 2018

What “Yes” Is

Crap. I don’t do “Breaking” and I have more than enough to do to get my Basketball pieces up on time but I happen to be up and this was just on-

As they say, the important bit is at the end.

“Was she threatened in any way?”


“Was she threatened physical harm?”


Now there are any number of methods to evade those questions and if you’re an attorney perhaps the safest is to say, “That’s what my client has represented to me and they have presented credible evidence for that claim,” which also means yes but you’re supposed to be an advocate so there’s a little wiggle room.

Yes is Yes.

I’ll unpack the Stephanie Clifford story at some point because my mind is totally in the gutter and I’m really interested in her explaining his tiny hands, but this is significant and it’s not going away.

Maybe Trump can fire Mueller but civil suit discovery will burn him as badly as it did Bill. Michael Avenatti is no dope and the other Michael (Cohen) a proven one whose only talent is bullying.