Mar 19 2018

Marlon Bundo

Unsurprisingly John Oliver, who brought down the FCC website with his call for comments on Net Neutrality (Ajit Pai has provided absolutely no evidence of his mysterious because it didn’t happen DDoS attack), is #1 on Amazon today for the children’s book written and illustrated by some of his staff which he promoted on his show yesterday.

And the moral of the story? Be careful what you wish for.

Pence is just as extreme and crazy as any other Republican in his economic and social policies, maybe more so since he’s also a Dominionist Theocrat. Trump at least is utterly incompetent, but his views are the mainstream of the Republican Party. His insincerity and narcissism actually mitigate the damage he is causing.

Pence is a true believer, more polished, and treated by Republican Legislators and the Media as respectable. Is a more efficient evil better, or a lesser one? Just being pragmatic here.

Oh, and he’s in the Obstruction of Justice swamp two feet over the tips of his upstretched fingers. He was at all the meetings and did nothing.