Jun 01 2018

Look. Melania is sick.

I’ve been reading a lot of garbage about why Melania is out of the spotlight recently, ranging from Pod Person Conspiracy Theories to speculation that she’s being held in a 50 Shades of Gray sex dungeon in the old White House Bowling Alley.

The truth is likely more mundane and tragic than that. She’s probably much sicker than the White House is letting on.

Of the two most common causes for the surgical procedure (Kidney Embolization) she underwent, the most acute is an Arteriovenous Malformation. This causes bleeding and if it takes place in the Brain or near the Spine can be quite serious indeed. Kidney not so much.

The second cause is called an Angiomyolipoma, a random collection of blood, fat, and muscle cells. While not malignant in the sense that it’s actively growing, it can indicate a tumor in another part of the body, say, the Lung that might be very dangerous.

In both cases her doctors will want to monitor her condition closely for changes and she probably won’t feel very energetic for a long time.

I want to emphasize I’m not a doctor of any sort and have only worked the side of the gurney that faces up at the ceiling, so this is based on information you can find with the right kind of internet searches, not any type of training.