Jun 19 2018

Life in Oświęcim

(from Wikipedia)

Prisoners were transported from all over German-occupied Europe by rail, arriving in daily convoys. By July 1942, the SS were conducting “selections”. Incoming Jews were segregated; those deemed able to work were sent to the selection officer’s right and admitted into the camp, and those deemed unfit for labor were sent to the selection officer’s left and immediately gassed. The group selected to die, about three-quarters of the total, included almost all children, women with small children, all the elderly, and all those who appeared on brief and superficial inspection by an SS doctor not to be completely fit.

After the selection process was complete, those too ill or too young to walk to the crematoria were transported there on trucks or killed on the spot with a bullet to the head. The belongings of the arrivals were seized by the SS and sorted in an area of the camp called “Canada”, so called because Canada was seen as a land of plenty. Many of the SS at the camp enriched themselves by pilfering the confiscated property.

SS officers told the victims they were to take a shower and undergo delousing. The victims undressed in an outer chamber and walked into the gas chamber, which was disguised as a shower facility. Some were even issued soap and a towel. The Zyklon B was delivered by ambulance to the crematoria by a special SS bureau known as the Hygienic Institute. The actual delivery of the gas to the victims was always handled by the SS, on the order of the supervising SS doctor. After the doors were shut, SS men dumped in the Zyklon B pellets through vents in the roof or holes in the side of the chamber. The victims were dead within 20 minutes. Despite the thick concrete walls, screaming and moaning from within could be heard outside. In one failed attempt to muffle the noise, two motorcycle engines were revved up to full throttle nearby, but the sound of yelling could still be heard over the engines.

Sonderkommando wearing gas masks then dragged the bodies from the chamber. The victims’ glasses, artificial limbs, jewelry, and hair were removed, and any dental work was extracted so the gold could be melted down. The corpses were burned in the nearby incinerators, and the ashes were buried, thrown in the river, or used as fertilizer.

For almost as long (actually it’s longer, but almost will do) as I’ve been writing on the Internet I’ve been screaming, shouting, hair on fire warning about the creeping Nazification of the United States. It’s uncomfortable to confront the fact that your government, the one you are taught from birth is wise and benevolent, is led by a cabal of jack booted thugs abetted by a larger group of bigoted morons for the express purpose of stealing everything you have, including your life, to benefit a thin sliver of inbred degenerates.

Yet here we are.

US Border Patrol accused of misleading immigrants while separating families: ‘They’re taking kids for baths and never returning’
by Clark Mindock, The Independent
Monday 11 June 2018

Federal public defenders say that immigration enforcement officials in the United States have repeatedly deceived immigrant parents arriving in the US seeking shelter from violent conditions in their home country, telling those individuals that they are taking their children away for baths or other benign reasons only to never return with them.

Miguel Nogueres, a federal public defender in McAllen, Texas said that he’s seen a dramatic increase in the number of cases his office sees on any given day during the presidency of Donald Trump, and that he has been hearing from clients that they were lied to by Border Patrol agents when their children were taken away, and not being given further information about the whereabouts of their kids.

He says that they have been trying to count the number of children that are being taken from parents, but that doing so has been made difficult by the changes in American immigration policies that allow federal agents to separate families with the expressed goal of deterring future immigrants.

“Every day we hear that parents are being separated from their children and are given different reasons for the separation. Some are told the truth,” Mr Nogueres told The Independent. “Others are told that they’re children are being taken for a break to play, or bathe, or sleep, … little white lies to ameliorate an exploding situation. The parents will realize they were lied to when they meet us before court.”

Mr Nogueres said that he and his colleague — a fellow federal public defender named Azalea Aleman-Bendiks, who also represents clients in mass deportation hearings and who recently made similar statements about Border Patrol deception to The Boston Globe — have seen the number of people being pushed through the courts jump from around 20 to 30 clients a day under the administrations of Presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama, up to as many as 170 a day now.

Mr Nogueres said that the cases he came across before would skew towards people with criminal records, and now the cases skew in the opposite direction.

“So, 90 per cent of those cases would be people with criminal records and less than 10 per cent of those would be with no criminal record,” Mr Nogueres said of the way things used to work, before noting that the representation of criminal vs civil defendants has essentially reversed itself, from what he has observed.

A Border Patrol spokesman said that the claims that these children were in any way inhumanely or unlawfully taken from their parents are not substantiated.

“I would tell you nothing could be further from the truth and these allegations are unsubstantiated,” Daniel Hetlage, the spokesman, said in a statement.

A spokesperson for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said, when contacted for comment, that the agency is committed to ensuring the parents are able to get in touch with their children, and to find out where their children are located.

“ICE is committed to connecting these family members as quickly as possible after separation so that parents know the location of their children and have regular communication with them in line with ICE policies and detention standards, including the directive Detention and Removal of Alien Parents or Legal Guardians,” Danielle Bennett, the spokesperson, said in a statement.

“ICE will post new information in all of our 72-hour facilities advising detained parents who are trying to locate, and/or communicate with, a child in the custody of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to call the Detention Reporting and Information Line (DRIL) for assistance,” Ms Bennett continued, noting an effort to inform inmates that began last week. “Separated parents who are still in US Marshals Service custody and have not yet been transferred to ICE can also call the DRIL for assistance in locating their minor child. The information provided by these parents to the DRIL operators will be forwarded to ORR for action. ICE and ORR will work together to locate separated children, verify the parent/child relationship, and set up regular communication and removal coordination, if necessary.”

The administration has cited restrictions on children being in federal detention centres that only allow for adult detainees. Children are referred to a different agency.

Once families are separated, it can become difficult for them to be reunited, and it is not at all clear that a child will be deported alongside their parent if the parent loses their court cases.

Mr Nogueres said that he tells it how it is when clients ask if they’ll see their children any time soon: He doesn’t know, but he tries to get them the opportunity to call the relevant agencies to ask if their kids are OK. But, they often face a confusing, uphill battle and they may have to fight it once they’re back home.

“I tell them I hope they’ll be reunited, but I know from what they’ve told me that they will not be reunited immediately,” Mr Nogueres said. “The children are sent god knows where. The parents are cent to a processing centre in McAllen. … I have to tell them to mentally be prepared to be deported without their children, because I know that it has happened and that when they get to their country to immediately go to the authorities, to go to the state department of the country, to go to the US embassy, and to find a reporter from a newspaper. That’s the best I can do for them.”

Baths?! Folks, at least when I lie to you I try to inject some originality and novelty. Using the exact same lies the Nazis did is unimaginative.

(L)ate in 1944, pit burning became the chief method of corpse disposal. The pits had indentations at one end from which human fat drained off. To keep the pits burning, the stokers poured oil, alcohol, and large quantities of boiling human fat over the bodies. The sizzling fat was scooped out with buckets on a long curved rod and poured all over the pit causing flames to leap up amid much crackling and hissing. … The air reeked of oil, fat, benzole and burnt flesh.

You can not live downwind of that, day after day after day, and pretend it is anything except what it is. You can not hear the final screams over the revving motorcycles or look that the trains arriving full and leaving empty and delude yourself that you don’t know, really know, in your heart of hearts what is happening.

What is hard to accept is that these monsters are people like you.

Not the ones doing the dying, they’re sympathetic, I mean the ones doing the killing. Good Germans.

I’m not advocating the medicine they’re dispensing, far from it, but they certainly need to be prevented from further harm to others. They are in every respect “deplorable” and at the least should be publicly shunned and humiliated as a lesson.

If there is a positive thing to take from this stain on our national character it’s that they represent less than a third (27%) of our population. Of course it only took the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei 32% in November of 1932.

They represent 55% of Republicans though.

And every morning represents an opportunity for you, my friend, to decide…

Are you a Good German?