Jun 20 2018

Happy Anniversary


I started writing on the Internet on April 1st, 2005. In August/September 2007 I became one of the founding members of DocuDharma and in June of 2010 Managing Editor of The Stars Hollow Gazette.

It’s not really noteworthy or relevant except for this fact- I have 13 years of searchable published opinion available and I stand behind every word of it, especially the ones you hate me for. I couldn’t care less about your reaction, I write for myself.

I don’t operate under the delusion I’m “special” or “important”, heck- I don’t own a mirror, even one to shave in. If you have a problem with me I have a twitter account I never check with exactly one entry, “I have no thoughts that can be expressed in 140 characters or less.”, so that’s pretty useless isn’t it?

Feel free to add slander and calumny if I oppress and upset you. My 100% guarantee is that I won’t even notice it (what about “I never check” did you misunderstand?). If you want my attention you’ll sign up as a commenter- we censor spam, doxxing, bullying, hate speech, and pornography, not disagreement.