Jul 06 2018

A Staggering Volume Of Lies

Now we all know that everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth is a lie including the articles “A”, “An”, and “The”. The principle difference is that he’s openining it more.

Shortly after inaguration it was a moderate 3 whoppers a day rising in 2018 to 5. Still, single digits. Over the last 2 weeks however Trump has decided to up his game, spouting a record 103 the week before last and a slightly more temperate century last week.

This week? It’s only Friday.

In case you can’t find your calculator (it’s under “Accessories” in your Start/Programs Menu) that’s over 14 a day.

Trump Spewed a Mind-Blowing 100 False Claims In One Week
By Cody Fenwick, AlterNet
July 6, 2018

In the last seven days, the Toronto Star reported, Trump made 100 false claims in public, coming just under his total of 103 false claims the previous week.

“As usual, part of the explanation for the barrage of lies and other dishonesty was simply that Trump talked a lot,” explained the Star’s Washington Bureau Chief Daniel Dale.

But this rate represents a huge upsurge nevertheless. Dale reports that in prior months, Trump has never exceeded more than 60 falsehoods per week — an impressive sum itself by any measure.

Overall, his rate of dishonesty is accelerating.

“The pace of the president’s dishonesty has increased significantly in 2018,” Dale writes. “After averaging 2.9 false claims per day in 2017, he is averaging 5.1 per day in 2018.”

It’s easy enough to write these findings off as obvious. Every reasonable observer will conclude that Trump is a liar, and even when he’s not actively lying, he clearly has little regard for the truth of his statements.

And yet the increasing rate of Trump’s dishonesty surely tells us something important. As he plows through his second year in office, he appears to be more prone to making wild and untrue claims, perhaps suggesting an underlying anxiety about his myriad failures as president, the looming special counsel’s investigation, and the upcoming midterm elections that will be seen as a referendum on his time in the White House.

While Trump has always felt compelled to obscure the truth, he seems to think it’s important to mislead the public now more than ever.