Jul 11 2018

Folsom Prison Blues


You know, what Manafort out to be really afraid of is a guy named Boris with a toothbrush in the exercise yard.

Or Novichok in your soap.

Paul Manafort to be moved from jail where prosecutors say he has ‘VIP’ treatment
by Rachel Weiner, Washington Post
July 11, 2018

Manafort also has said he has “all my files like I would at home,” has “gone through all the discovery now,” and is being treated like a “VIP.”

Manafort speaks to his attorneys every day and often multiple times a day, they said. While the calls are limited to 15 minutes in length, there is no limit on how many calls he can make.

“Among the unique privileges Manafort enjoys at the jail are a private, self-contained living unit, which is larger than other inmates’ units, his own bathroom and shower facility, his own personal telephone, and his own workspace to prepare for trial,” the prosecutors wrote. “Manafort is also not required to wear a prison uniform.” He also has a personal laptop, they say, with an extension cord so he can use it in his unit and not just the workroom.

Manafort has even “developed a workaround” to send emails, which prisoners normally would not be allowed to do, according to prosecutors: “In order to exchange emails, he reads and composes emails on a second laptop that is shuttled in and out of the facility by his team. When the team takes the laptop from the jail, it re-connects to the Internet and Manafort’s emails are transmitted.”

Manafort’s lawyers replied in a filing that “while it is possible for Mr. Manafort to provide counsel with information he would like communicated, any communication is then sent by counsel in a manner that is consistent with the rules of the detention facility.“

In his order, Ellis directed the Alexandria jail to allow Manafort, “to the extent practically possible” to meet with his attorneys for eight hours a day until trial.

He noted that the Alexandria jail has housed many high-profile detainees, “including foreign and domestic terrorists, spies and traitors.”

Alexandria Sheriff Dana Lawhorne said he was “aware that he’s been remanded to our custody and when he arrives he’ll go through the proper classification process. We’ll house him properly in order to meet everyone’s needs.”

You hear that Cohen? Ossining for you.