Aug 04 2018

U.S. Government Still Kidnapping Brown Babies

Or did you forget that’s a thing they do now?

And they’re still trying to stick the ACLU with the blame when the whole basis of this DACA denying baby slaving ‘zero tolerence’ policy is to extort the budget to build Trump’s Folly.

Judge slams Trump admin for suggesting ACLU, others should find deported parents
By Tal Kopan, CNN
Fri August 3, 2018

A federal judge called the Trump administration’s slowness to track down migrant parents it had separated from their children and then deported “unacceptable,” saying the responsibility is “100%” on the government.

The stern admonishment from District Judge Dana Sabraw came a day after the administration argued that immigrant advocacy groups — not the government — should be responsible for tracking down the more than 500 parents it had separated from their children at the border and deported without them.

Sabraw said during a Friday phone hearing that if the government doesn’t track down the parents, it will have “permanently orphaned” their children.

“The reality is there are still close to 500 parents that have not been located, many of these parents were removed from the country without their child, all of this is the result of the government’s separation and then inability and failure to track and reunite,” Sabraw said.

“And the reality is that for every parent who is not located, there will be a permanent orphaned child, and that is 100% the responsibility of the administration,” he added.

Sabraw instructed the administration to name one or two officials to be a single point of command in the reunification effort, and to submit a detailed plan for how they will reunify children with parents either deported or, in a smaller number of cases, released into the US.

“In reviewing the status report it appears that only 12 or 13 of close to 500 parents have been located, which is just unacceptable at this point,” Sabraw said.

In a court document Thursday, the Justice Department had suggested the American Civil Liberties Union should use its “network of law firms, NGOs, volunteers and others” to find the parents, using information the administration will provide.

“Plaintiffs’ counsel should ascertain whether each possible class member wishes to be reunified with his or her child, or whether he or she wishes to waive reunification,” the filing continued, adding that the ACLU would be “responsible for ensuring” the parents have the opportunity to get legal advice and consult with their children, with the government helping to “facilitate” those family communications.

The ACLU “would then be responsible for providing Defendants with a final, unequivocal, written confirmation of whether each possible class member wants to be reunified with his or her child,” the filing said.

The filing said the State Department has been enlisted to communicate with other countries’ officials on how to facilitate the reunification process.

As roughly two-thirds of the families separated by the administration have been reunited, the focus in an ongoing court case that ordered reunifications has turned to the more difficult cases — especially the hundreds of parents who were deported to their home countries alone.

The ACLU argued that shifting the responsibility from the government is unacceptable.

And so Judge Sabraw has now ruled.