Aug 06 2018

What News?

So Trump has admitted personally, in writing, that the June 9th meeting was all about the oppo and had nothing to do with Russian adoption except in terms of removing all sanctions imposed after the annexation of Crimea.

Which is not a big deal to me because I’m not part of the anti-Russian Red scare intelligensia. Crimea was a big deal to the Russians, like Florida or California ot Texas which are lousy with military bases and mostly occupied by right-wing uber-nationalists (California not so much). While Florida and Texas would be small losses, I can understand why getting kicked out of California might be perceived a geo-political mistake that must be corrected.

Well, same thing, so I don’t blame them too much. Plenty of better reasons to hate on Russia not the least of which is that it’s an organized crime ring.

So sanctions, no sanctions is not exactly an issue that energizes me (might miss California).

What you can no longer argue is that this is not flat out demonstrated bribery with an explicit quid pro quo and everything. The Quid was Hillary dirt and other illegal election assistance, ‘pro’ means ‘for’ and the Quo is dropping the Russia sanctions so it’s marginally easier for Putin and his Pals to convert Rubles to Dollars (not that it’s impossible, but why shop at the store with the 20% markup when you can get it wholesale?).

My point is that this is not really news in the sense of ‘new’. Maybe I notice it more because I attempt to comment on the state of affairs every day, but this has not been ‘fresh’ since the New York Times published over a year ago on July 9th, 2017.

There is this highway entrance near me that is always jammed up because right after the traffic enters the road takes a blind left curve and you can’t see a mile ahead though in fact there is nothing ahead. I blame ignorance. If you don’t use it all the time you don’t know or you forget. Doesn’t make it less stupid.

I feel the same way about this story. The evidence is obvious and self admitted, why are we still talking about it?

Well, this is why. There is an irreducible by conventional means like education and law, core of United States citizens who are prejudiced, racist, misogynous, bigots. They resent the fact we think they’re inferior even though they are wrong about everything and rightly feel marginalized and disrespected because…

They are. They’re just horrible people that you don’t want to spend a single minute with and while I’m polite enough I’m hardly immune to the significant eye roll. I am a hopeless diplomat and a faulty communicator.

I despair of convincing a single Republican that Blacks, Browns (whoever that happens to be at the moment you Catholics), and Females are not genetically inferior to White Males of the Anglo-Saxon (a part of Germany close to Denmark) and Danish (actual Vikings, you can look it up) heritage (Ben Franklin, but he thought the Turkey should be the National Bird too), all chromosome damage and DNA evidence aside because it’s fake science and where is Jesus on his Dinosaur?

It is in fact about chipping away at the margins of the deplorables and finding out how deplorable they’re willing to get.

Now I think enough damn chipping has been done and while you may hold your breath for some miraculous raptures (they are by definition miraculous) I’m tired of waiting on fallen angels and it’s time to clean up using the courts and the ballot the worst 30% of the “wretched refuse” before they do much more damage.

Second Civil War? Bring it. We have new supplies of Evian and a mountain of Brie. Our aglio e olio is unstoppable.

President Admits Focus of Trump Tower Meeting Was Getting Dirt on Clinton
By Michael D. Shear, The New York Times
Aug. 5, 2018

President Trump said on Sunday that a Trump Tower meeting between top campaign aides and a Kremlin-connected lawyer was designed to “get information on an opponent” — the starkest acknowledgment yet that a statement he dictated about the encounter last year was misleading.

Mr. Trump made the comment in a tweet on Sunday morning that was intended to be a defense of the June 2016 meeting and his son Donald Trump Jr.’s role in hosting it. The president claimed that it was “totally legal” and of the sort “done all the time in politics.”

But the tweet also served as an admission that the Trump team had not been forthright when Donald Trump Jr. issued a statement in July 2017 saying that the meeting had been primarily about the adoption of Russian children. Donald Trump Jr. made the statement after The New York Times revealed the existence of the meeting.

On Sunday, Mr. Sekulow admitted that his earlier statement had been erroneous, saying on ABC News’s “This Week” that “I had bad information at that time and made a mistake in my statement.”

In the interview, Mr. Sekulow said that it was not clear what laws the president’s son and the other campaign officials at the Trump Tower meeting might have violated when they met with the Kremlin-connected lawyer.

“Well, the question is, how would it be illegal?” Mr. Sekulow said. “The question is what law, statute or rule or regulation’s been violated? Nobody’s pointed to one.”

The president and his legal advisers have in recent weeks ratcheted up their attacks on Mr. Mueller personally. In other tweets on Sunday, Mr. Trump again called the inquiry a “Rigged Witch Hunt” and singled out Mr. Mueller by name — a step he had avoided until recently.

“Why aren’t Mueller and the 17 Angry Democrats looking at the meetings concerning the Fake Dossier and all of the lying that went on in the FBI and DOJ?” Mr. Trump said, once again attacking his own law enforcement agencies.

“This is the most one sided Witch Hunt in the history of our country. Fortunately, the facts are all coming out, and fast!” he added.

Mr. Sekulow echoed the president in the interview on Sunday. Asked about the Trump Tower meeting, he repeatedly steered his answers back to attacks on Mr. Mueller’s investigation.

“Let’s be honest with the American people, there are irregularities in this investigation the likes of which we have not seen,” Mr. Sekulow said, mimicking one of the president’s favorite phrases.