Sep 13 2018

Sam Bee: Mobile App Entrepreneur

Well, I’ve missed a couple of times before but it’s only because I wanted her back so bad.

When last we saw Sam she had just burned her 2 and a half year old set in a Viking Funeral. Along with the new set (I can hardly tell the difference) she has a new Intro-

In the business end of last night’s show she talked about Gerrymandering-

before moving on to the debut of her new mobile app (on Apple Day no less)-

As she says, it is “the best appointment-based, civic-tech, comedy trivia game app hosted by Samantha Bee to ever exist!”

The truth is that it won’t make you forget Candy Crush (Sam’s favorite) as it’s your basic Pub Trivia (including cash prizes) game focusing on basic civics, U.S. History, and political trivia and the attraction is (besides the modest award and bragging rights) that Sam writes the questions herself (or her staff does) so they’re funnier than average. Otherwise it’s unremarkable and questions come in two flavors, absurdly easy and impossibly obscure (a dab hand searching Wikipedia and a good Internet connection are definite advantages.

Maybe it’s just me. On the rare ocassions I’m dining with the Gilmores, Alex Trebeck (who’s now in a ‘Beard Off’ feud with Stephen) will answer “Four Men” and eyes expectantly turn to me for the question, “How big was William Howard Taft’s bath tub?” The stuck story is probably untrue, but there is a picture of the tub in question from the pages of Engineering Review’s February 1909 issue.

He was a great dancer too.

What good is this knowledge anyway (except in Pub Trivia)? It’s far more relevant that during Taft’s Administration the 16th Amendment was passed and the Panama Canal nearly completed.

After she gets done voting for Cynthia Nixon (Andrew Cuomo is Scum) I may give TMC a call and we can have a challange match. I confidently predict she will crush me like a bug. Otherwise, if this is how they design games it’s no wonder most of them turn out to be so dull and stupid.